Update On My Life: Part 1- Finals & Health

In the last month I have rescheduled finals, finished my first year in college, seen many doctors, taken a summer class, started an internship, and visited with friends old and new. May and June have been quite busy, but that’s what your youth is for, right? So, here is a look into a nineteen year olds life: the fun times, the rough times, and the in-between times that add up to a whole experience to just tally onto my life, enjoy!


May 3rd-11th


For every other college student at SJU this week meant Finals Week,


Declaring a Minor

I began my time at SJU as a Communications major, but after my first semester decided to switch over to the wonderful world of the English major. It was potentially the greatest decision I made while at Saint Joe’s. Don’t get me wrong; I know a lot of Communications majors who love what they do, but Communications just wasn’t the major for me.

Because my parents were concerned about what I could do with an English major, they thought it would be best that I declare a minor. This presented a new problem for me because I had no idea what to minor in.


A Summer Weekend at SJU

This weekend, I’m visiting my friend Molly at her off-campus Drexel Arms apartment, just down the road from main campus. I’ve never been on campus when school is not in session, and it’s pretty weird. Being here honestly makes me miss the school year even more because it’s so quiet. Saint Joe’s during the summer is what I imagine a waterpark to be like in the winter.

Driving around campus today really made me reflect on what makes this place so special. It isn’t the nice buildings or manicured lawns. Those are nice and all, but without the students,


5 Signs You Just May, Sort Of, Kind Of, Be An Adult

With the recent graduation of the class of 2016 I couldn’t help but think that soon that will be me, walking across the stage, receiving my diploma, wondering what’s to come next…

Changing your tassel from right to left does not magically transform a person into an adult. Though it may seem like it happens overnight, and you suddenly wake up realizing all of the responsibilities you now have, adulthood isn’t automatic. This overwhelming feeling of responsibility, this change in how your day now plays out from start to finish, it slowly but surely consumes a person. Day by day you do little things that eventually all construct you as a person,


The Bittersweet Sound of Silence

I’ve never believed that silence is golden. To me, silence is more like tin, or copper, or one of those elements on the bottom of the periodic table that no one knows about, but is still there. Don’t get me wrong; I have learned to cope with silence to a certain point. Admittedly there are benefits to silence.

It’s suffocating, yet calming. Frightening, but comforting. Lonely, but filling. But, you can only go so long without sound. Without the voice of someone else, without music, without the sound of the gentle rain falling on your window.

I haven’t quite figured out how to deal with silence,


20 Signs You Lived in Saint Mary’s


  1. The family tree is more than an alternate universe that doesn’t make sense. It is a way of life.
  2. You know everyone in the house by name
  3. You know the honorary residents by name and preferred couch
  4. You contributed to the atrocity that is the kitchen sink
  5. Any noise/unusual occurrence was because of the ghost
  6. Even though you constantly denied there being a ghost
  7. You have left stuff in the living room including, but not limited to laptops, phones, chargers, books, mugs and school supplies
  8. But also you have complained about the mess in the living room
  9. You know who’s in the shower by their singing voice
  10. Speaking of singing,


Yearly Wrap-Up: A Few Words on Sophomore Year

Happy Finals Week! This week represents the bittersweet ending to another school year. I can honestly say I’m pretty sad to be leaving Hawk Hill after completing my second year. This year was an unforgettable one; I made new friends, learned a lot,  and had new experiences. In this post, I’m going to write about 3 things that really made this year the best yet.

New Friends

My two best friends, Cass Muratore and Molly McDonald

What can I even say about these two individuals. You know the phrase “other half?” Well I’m convinced I’m divided up into thirds,


Welcome to My Home: The Merion Atrium

My absolute favorite place on campus (besides my bed) is the Merion Atrium. If you’re not familiar, the Falese Atrium in Merion Hall is a place where dreams come true and happiness is around every corner. If you’re ever looking for me on campus, it’s more than likely that I am plopped on one of the super-comfy chairs on the first floor with an Einstein’s bagel in hand, pretending to do work on my laptop.

Last semester’s addition of Einstein’s Bagels really turned up the traffic in my happy dwelling space. This was a bittersweet addition to my world;


College is more than building your resume

Many students have a hard time a hard time figuring out what extra-curricular activities to join in college. Luckily, at Saint Joe’s we have an Activities Fair at the beginning of each semester. This allows students to see all of the organizations that campus has to offer and sign up for the ones that they are interested in. 9 times out of 10, students sign up for more organizations than they could ever actually keep up with.  That’s perfectly okay, you’re not expected to stick with all of them. The purpose is to explore your options, and pick the ones that you would most likely enjoy.


“At Least Your Food Will Keep You Company”

Someone actually said that to me once: “You’re eating by yourself? At least your food will keep you company” and then proceeded to laugh at their own, not so funny joke. There was one thing I was determined to do before I finished my freshman year: Eat by myself. The majority of the time during my freshman year, I never ate alone. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘well how is that a problem if you’ve never eaten by yourself? Clearly, you’re so charismatic and wonderful that people would always want to eat with you.’ Yes, that is true, but the thing was,