Celebrating The Small Things

Remember that one time I updated you on my life? And said how everything was on the ups? Fun fact about that, I got yet another peritonsillar abscess just one day after uploading Part 4 of that saga, and then had to schedule to get my tonsils out just two weeks later, oh the irony.


Some things I’ve realized now looking back at this summer is that nothing goes as planned, and being able to swallow without a care in the world is such an everyday luxury that I sure took for granted.


Some things I’ve learned looking back at this summer is that you need to choose to think ‘mind over matter’ when it comes to having needles stuck in your mouth (even if it happens three times in one month…), and to celebrate the small things in life.


Everyone always tells you to look at the big picture, but from this summer I’ve learned that sometimes it’s the details that you have to focus on. In other words, worry about now.


Today I got to switch out of the class I didn’t want and got into one I really wanted to take, success! Yes, there are so many other things I would love to change about my schedule, but worrying about that would drive me nuts. Today I got to fix a part of my schedule I didn’t like and this little detail in my life was able to give me great joy.


If you focus on the negative time and time again all you start to see is the bad things in life instead of all the great things that are going on.


This summer I’ve seen more doctors than I have in the last 19 years of my life, and had my very first surgery.  Well, if I had to be sick at least it was during the summer when I had the time and such a flexible internship to take time off to get better.


Now, I’m not saying that seeing the bright side in everything is easy, because it definitely takes practice, but I feel like if you’re having a bad day and everything seems to be going wrong you have two ways of thinking when it comes to the situation at hand:


“It can only get better”


“It could just keep getting worse”


This thought process is what separates positive people from negative people.


So, hold the door for someone without expecting a thank you, check everything off your checklist today (even working out), and drink tea on a Monday morning instead of coffee. But most importantly, celebrate these little things you do in your life that are making you a better person each and every day.

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