Update On My Life: Part 4- Health Success & Chicago

June 17th-Present 


I’m sure you all have been just dying to know what happened there in the doctor’s office. Well folks this visit was a successful one and thank goodness for that! Though, please skip to the next paragraph if medical discussions make you queasy! I am sure you all thought I was going to get my tonsils out, but to your surprise, and quite frankly mine, I did not. Instead, the doctor numbed my tonsil, took a needle, and drained it. I know, gross. Though I didn’t feel instant relief from the pain, mentally I felt like the biggest weight had been lifted. I was finally ‘cured’ and ready to eat solid food again.


This issue was definitely one that needed fixing ASAP as I had a plane ticket to visit my pal and roommate in her hometown of Chicago the next day. Luckily for me I awoke the next morning with an ease in my swallowing and excitement to travel to the windy city.


Chicago has definitely been one of the highlights of my summer for many reasons, but the main one being that I got to experience a brand new city with one of my best friends! It’s unreal to think that just last year I was wondering who my new ‘group’ would be in college, and what kind of friends I would have. It is even more unreal that my future roommate and friend doesn’t just live down the street from me back home, but instead in a whole different state.


While in the good ole state of Illinois I was immediately immersed in all that Madeline considers to be her ‘normal Midwestern activities’:


Friday: We ate at Portillo’s, a Chicago must, where I had my first ever Italian beef (definitely not a Philly cheesesteak) and cake shake (literally a milkshake with a piece of cake in it, phenomenal). Then I ventured to Madeline’s workplace where I sat and chatted with her fellow lifeguard coworkers. The night ended with some homemade pizza and the movie Grease of course!


Saturday: Today was our ~adventure~ day, where we took the train into Chicago and went to the usual tourist stops such as the Bean, the Chicago Riverwalk, and the Maggie Daley Park. When we returned back to the suburbs I got to meet all of her friends which was quite the experience.




Sunday: Lake Shake is a three day country concert at Northerly Island, so Madeline and I attended this event on a very hot day after we visited Navy Pier. We saw artists such as Brooks and Dunn, A Thousand Horses, Jason Aldean, and our favorite, Thomas Rhett.


Monday: Lake Michigan is a popular hotspot for Midwesterners, you would think it’s the ocean with the size of it, but it’s not, it’s just a lake. This hands down was the highlight of my trip because even though it had the sand and water like a beach, I just loved how different it felt. Even better, while we sat and enjoyed our lunch we could see a huge storm hitting the water in the distance, something I’ve never quite seen before. Since this day was also the first day of summer, and thus summer solstice, we stayed until sunset to watch it disappear into the water.




Visiting Madeline and meeting her family and friends was just so fun. I loved finally being able to put faces to the many stories she had told me (all good of course, no worries Mr. Yeakey). It’s weird because even though we are from such different places, and the area we live in and went to school is vastly different, I could still find common ground in her friendships and life. Because even though so much of our lives are different, so much of them are at the same time the same. Hard to explain, but I feel like once you go to college you feel like everyone has their something about them that makes them special, whether that’s where they are from or what they can do. But, I have learned that once you get to know someone, like really know them, you find out that you now have much more in common than you could have ever thought, and that the differences you once found to be so crazy before don’t really matter anymore.


Leaving Chicago was definitely bittersweet, but lucky for me my office plays an array of music during the day, and country is always the crowd favorite for the summertime. Every time a Thomas Rhett song comes on I instantly smile and think of what a perfect time I had in Chicago and how I am so glad I had the opportunity to fly there and see my friend who I used to be able to see in .2 seconds every day just a few short months ago.


So, my current life is being proud of myself for flying alone for the first time, and not getting lost (WOOHOO!), enjoying my train rides to and from my internship, exploring all that old city has to offer with my fellow coworkers, and just doing all the random things I can do this summer. From spontaneous beach trips, art festivals, and new coffee shops, I’m just enjoying my first summer as a college student!


I hope you enjoyed my life updates! Who needs to keep up with the Kardashians when you can just read about mine and so many other college students lives right here on SJU blogs, right?!

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