The Parent of the Friend Group

I’ve been known to tell/scream to people that they are acting like children. Upon several occasions, I’ve confiscated people’s phones when I didn’t like their behavior, I’ve told people their actions were stupid and they should reevaluate their lives, and I would even discipline them by explaining what they did was wrong and why they shouldn’t do it again. With a burst of lightning and dramatic orchestral music playing in the background, I realized I was acting like a mother to my friends.

This can’t be happening… I thought to myself. How did I get to be the mother of my friend group? Quite simply I’ve always been very responsible. I have always wondered what it would be like to feel apathy towards everything, but it is impossible for me to do that. I’ve never been able to not care about what happens to myself or my friends; it makes being spontaneous extremely difficult.

However, I realized I lack one important quality that mothers are known for: comforting. That’s where my friends come to my aid. Whenever I’m upset or really stressed out I can count on my friends to be there for me—to cheer me up, to show me a puppy video on YouTube, or just sit with me as I panic about the impending future clutching my favorite childhood stuffed animal, Ebony, a black dog with a red collar.

You’ll never be the only parent of the friend group. You and your friends will all take turns talking problems out with each other, comforting each other and even make cookies at one in the morning for each other. So if you feel like the parent of the friend group, don’t worry. You’ll get your time to act like a little kid and have your friends look after you.

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