Update On My Life: Part 3- Internship & Summertime Fun

June 6th-June 15th


Welcome my friends to Part 3, the part of my life where my summer actually begins! This summer I decided to take an internship in Old City working for an event planning company. No need to fear, I will explain this whole process very soon, but basically I chose to stay in Manayunk for the summer in order to do the internship in Old City, Philadelphia. To do this I simply (although moving is never simple) transferred my belongings over to my sisters humble abode in Manayunk as it is just her and I there for the summer.


The intern life is definitely going well, but staying in a city that none of your home friends-the friends you graduated with just a short year ago-are in can be kind of sad. Though, on the bright side Philadelphia is a great place for home friends to visit me because there is always something going on and it’s in close proximity to New Jersey and its lovely beaches!


Since I don’t work on Fridays a few of my friends did just this and came up for a long weekend! We drove to the beach and spent the day relaxing, and then the next few days I took them to the city via the train! Since I’ve been taking the train for a couple of days now I felt like quite the pro, except that when me and my pals were sitting at the platform with no train in sight I realized I may not be as good as I expected. Apparently there are weekend schedules too, woops, can’t win ‘em all, sorry friends! We ended up going to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, ate at El Vez (I haven’t had a lot of tacos in my life so I am no expert, but these were the best I have ever had) and just wandered around exploring the city on a VERY hot and sticky day.IMG_5988


After my weekend adventure with my home friends I started to have an uncomfortable feeling when I swallowed, and I knew this feeling quite well at this point. Though, this time it escalated quite quickly, so much so that my cousin who just so happens to be in his residency and just so happens to live 10 minutes away from me had to come get my car-less self and take me to an urgent care.


I wish I could say that my urgent care experience was seamless, but alas I just did not enjoy my time there at all. I guess I just wanted instant relief from my swallowing pain, but unfortunately urgent care was unable to help me out here. I definitely do understand the appeal that urgent cares have for other people, as it was such a quick process, but I just wanted results right then and there and that just was not happening.


So, I went back home and attempted to sleep through the night in hopes of waking up feeling at least 10% better. The next morning my mom drove down to take me to another ENT doctor, and when she knocked on the door the next morning I felt no better than the night before, more like -10% better.


At the doctor’s office I checked in, was given the same look of pity from the secretaries, and awaited for my name to be called. When the time came for me to go back to the room I was hopeful, at best.


I explained my tale of woe to the doctor once again and he took one look down my throat and said he knew what needed to be done…

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