Firefly Music Festival Experience: Camping Edition

The group at our campsite!
The group at our campsite

I returned home from Firefly one week ago today, and I have finally caught up on sleep and gone through all of my pictures, which means I’m ready to talk about it. This was my third year attending the festival, and it was by far my favorite. My group decided to camp for the first time, which had its major challenges and major rewards. The music was incredible. The atmosphere was magical. The experience was unforgettable.

So, we arrived in Dover, DE on Wednesday, June 15, to grab our “Wednesday Premiere” camping spot. We were lucky because we were in Lot 18, which is the closest one to the festival. When we arrived it was raining a little bit, but we decided to go ahead and pitch our tent anyway, since it was probably going to rain for the rest of the day. About two steps into said pitching, the rain started coming down hard. Did we stop? No! We were going to get this tent up, no matter what. After a brief run-in with some poison ivy and having our instruction sheet completely soaked by the rain, our tent was ready.

Camping is definitely the way to go for Firefly. Commuting is just too much of a pain. If you camp, you can see so many more bands than if you don’t. It’s also really nice to be able to go back to your campsite for a nap or a snack in the middle of the day. My only complaint about camping is the heat during the day. It’s pretty much impossible to sleep past 8am because as soon as the sun comes up, it only takes a few hours for your tent to become an oven. Also, the shower situation isn’t ideal; there are camp showers that cost $5/shower (or $8 during “surge pricing”). The water is cold, but extremely refreshing after you spend a few days sweating at all times.

If you can brave the heat and the shower situation, camping is definitely worth it. There’s a huge sense of community in the campgrounds, so it’s a prime spot to meet new people. Everyone looks out for each other in the campsite; for example, apparently someone was trying to steal stuff from our campsite, and our neighbors jumped in to stop them.¬†Everyone is open to sharing resources, such as watermelon and solar-powered showers. There’s something about good music that really brings people together.

By the time our four nights in a tent were up, we were all definitely ready to get back to civilization. I would absolutely do it again next year, and I highly encourage everyone to try it at least once.

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