Update On My Life: Part 2- Summer Class & It Hurts to Swallow?

May 12th-June 5th


Here we are, Part 2 of my snippet of life. Quick recap of Part 1, I ended up leaving to go home to recover from my oh so painful strep throat. So did I end up not taking my finals you may ask? Unfortunately no. But, the Office of Student Success was very helpful in rescheduling my finals for when I felt better, which was much appreciated.


After my finals were done I spent about a week or so at home, and then packed up one more time to move back to school, this time into Rashford, the upperclassman dorm building. I decided a while ago I wanted to take digital photography in the summer because it was a class I really wanted to take as I felt it would be beneficial for me as an interest, as well as my major. I also knew it would be pretty time consuming, and so I thought the summer would be a nice time to take the class and really focus and learn as much as I could about photography.


I moved what in my mind was the bare essentials for living in an apartment style dorm building for three weeks. Though, if you were to ask my dad he would have said I was staying there all summer with the amount of stuff I brought. But really, it’s all perspective, right?


I was put in a room with two other girls a year older than me which was not a big deal considering it was only three weeks and we all had very different schedules that never overlapped with the prime bathroom times.


Taking a summer class was a very interesting experience because I was still going to class like a regular student on their college campus, but it was definitely different to walk around and not have so many other familiar faces passing you. Regardless, I ended up really enjoying taking a class in the summer, especially since it was only one, it was fun and interesting, and it was just three weeks. Really couldn’t ask for much more.


Though, about a week into the class I started having an uncomfortable feeling when I swallowed. Once again, I went to the infirmary and nothing seemed to look unusual. A couple days later I could barely sleep because I woke up with pain every time I had to swallow. After class I walked myself over to the infirmary, what at this point felt like my second home, and greeted my favorite nurse Ilene. I told her about the very strange issues occurring and she took one look inside my mouth and said I needed to see someone right away.


A series of questions from the other nurses then followed:

“Do you have any friends here that you could get ahold of?” No 🙁

“What about your sister, is she around?” Yeah, she’s in Spain, so no.

“How far away do you live?” Two and a half hours…


I definitely stumped them, which was unfortunate on both of our parts because it posed the problem of how exactly I could get to see a doctor. But, once again the lovely people of the infirmary worked their magic.


They were able to get me in to see an ENT, called public safety to give me a ride there, and even got in touch with someone from Saint Joe’s who could go with me that way I wouldn’t be alone.


Without giving all of the details of my doctor’s visit, I did end up having to go on antibiotics and my parents drove to meet me at the office to take me back home. I once again had to contact my teacher to explain my situation, which she was very understanding about.


Everything went fine once I was on the medicine and after the weekend I was back at school for my last week of summer school. I then finished up my class, moved out of my temporary home in Rashford, and into my sister’s house in Manayunk, awaiting the start of my internship and thus the next adventure you will soon hear about in Part 3!

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