Update On My Life: Part 1- Finals & Health

In the last month I have rescheduled finals, finished my first year in college, seen many doctors, taken a summer class, started an internship, and visited with friends old and new. May and June have been quite busy, but that’s what your youth is for, right? So, here is a look into a nineteen year olds life: the fun times, the rough times, and the in-between times that add up to a whole experience to just tally onto my life, enjoy!


May 3rd-11th


For every other college student at SJU this week meant Finals Week, but for me it meant absolute mayhem, so I guess you could say we were all basically in the same boat.


Reading day began for me like it did last semester, a full day dedicated to extra studying, extra sleeping, and extra eating. Though, this day took a turn for the worse when I got real sick, real quick. My head and body hurt worse than just the regular side effects of finals week looming over my head.


I finished a project that night dressed in sweatpants, sweatshirts, a blanket, and winter hat, in May. I decided to head off to bed in hopes a good nights sleep would give me the energy I needed to wake up for my 8AM English final.


Around 3 o’clock in the morning I finally mustered up the energy to give my mom a call, knowing that there was no way I could possibly take a final. The next morning I emailed my professor, attempted to get ready, then rescheduled my final, and ultimately went to the infirmary at my mom’s request (for those of you that may not know what an ‘infirmary’ is, it’s basically just the college version of a nurses office).


I slowly moseyed my way over to Sourin, the freshman residence hall where the health center is, thank goodness it is in such close proximity to my dorm building LaFarge. I sat in the waiting room shivering, miserable, wondering how long this would take/how quickly I could get better enough to take my next final that was in a mere two hours.


Looking around I saw kids on their phones, kids just sitting back like a normal day, and then there was me, dressed in the largest jacket I could find, coughing, shaking, unable to look at the small screen on my phone, let alone ‘relax’. One by one the few people before me got called back and then released with no real medical issues. A couple thoughts went through my mind as I sat there deep in my own thoughts and self pity: 1. These people do not look to be sick in the slightest, 2. Why would they waste their time coming to the infirmary, they are wasting very valuable studying time, and finally, 3. Are these people really trying (failing) to pull the ole ‘I’m sick’ bit to get out of finals?


Either way, my time finally came to see the doctor, and let me just say, Saint Joseph’s University’s Health Center is A+ in my books. Everyone, from the doctor to the nurses, was just so kind and helpful and really took care of me. I ended up having to get blood drawn for the first time ever, so as you could imagine I was very nervous. The nurse calmed my nerves and it went as smoothly as it could for a girl with the chills and five more tests to take. They called me with my results, I ended up having strep throat for the first time in my life, and they called in my prescriptions, and days after they called to just check in and see how I was doing. In conclusion, the infirmary is just a great place because sometimes you just need a helpful hand when you’re not in the comfort of your own home and your moms not there to make you chicken noodle soup.


So, that’s how the end of my first year in college played out, pretty epic I know. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful experiences I have had at SJU so far, and am so excited to experience even more with the next three years ahead of me. I feel like I have definitely grown here, as I have made friends and joined clubs that challenge me in so many different ways.


In case you were wondering, there will in fact be two more parts added onto this update into my life. Though you may be thinking to yourself, “Carly, what more curveballs could your life possibly take on?” Well loyal readers, my summer has just begun and it is already off to such an interesting start, stay tuned.

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