Conquering the Summertime Standstill

We’re about a month into summer and I know I’m not the only one going a little stir crazy with the same routine different day thing. Summer is definitely my favorite time of the year, but it’s easy to get lost in the lack of structure that comes with hot days and weird sleep schedules. Even if you have a regular job or internship that you go to every day, things can get pretty boring. It’s different from going to class every day because each day offers something new and exciting, both in and out of the classroom. I think it’s very important to have some type of progression; to keep moving forward towards a goal, whether it be long or short term. Here are a few ideas for keeping things interesting

1. Join a gym

The best decision I’ve made this summer is to join a gym. It provides a sense of productivity and progression, two things that are necessary for a healthy mind. A great option for a gym is Planet Fitness. It’s super cheap and is open 24/7. The staff are very friendly and always available if you have questions about equipment or a workout plan. Membership comes with access to a personal trainer, who you can schedule sessions with at any time. It’s important to get up and get moving during the summer if you’re someone who prefers to sleep all day and stay up all night.

2. Pick up a new hobby

A hobby can be absolutely anything. A good way to pick one is to think about what you’re already interested in and advance try something related to that interest. For example, if you like music, try learning an instrument. A cheap, easy, and fun option is the ukulele. You can find cheap ones online and there are tons of tutorials on Youtube. No need to pay for lessons or anything, just do a little searching for the song you want to play and you’ll find a tutorial. Just think about how cool it will be to tell all your friends you taught yourself how to play the ukulele.

3. Take weekend trips

If you have a job or other weekly obligations, weekend trips are a great way to get in a little adventure among monotonous routines. One of the coolest things about being in college is having friends in many different parts of the country. It’s very important to keep in touch with friends during the summer, even if they’re far away. So, hop in your car, or on a train or bus, and go see a friend! Budgeting for a quick trip can be a huge improvement to your mood and your overall summer experience.

4. Learn a new skill

Just like picking up a new hobby, thanks to the Internet, it’s very easy to learn a new skill. For most skills you may want to acquire, there are tutorials and free lessons online. Want to learn how to cook a soufflé? Google it. Want to learn sign language? Google something along the lines of “learn sign language free.” It’s going to take a little effort and a lot of determination, but you can learn almost anything on the Internet. The interwebs are just an open pool of resume fillers waiting for you to pick one.


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