Declaring a Minor

I began my time at SJU as a Communications major, but after my first semester decided to switch over to the wonderful world of the English major. It was potentially the greatest decision I made while at Saint Joe’s. Don’t get me wrong; I know a lot of Communications majors who love what they do, but Communications just wasn’t the major for me.

Because my parents were concerned about what I could do with an English major, they thought it would be best that I declare a minor. This presented a new problem for me because I had no idea what to minor in. I had just switched majors and now I had to declare a minor? What was the world coming to?! So I began to research and think about what I wanted to minor in and came up with nothing. I talked to my advisor who told me not to rush this decision. When choosing a minor, you want to pick something you love learning about, however, it must also work well with your current major. 

I spent the summer before my sophomore year thinking about what I could minor in. When school finally began again, I thought of a potential minor halfway through the first semester of my sophomore year. I loved music. Rolling Stone is one of my favorite magazines to read, as is Entertainment Weekly, because I learn so much about music, while still being entertained. I wanted to be an unofficial music historian, but not a musician. A music journalist, but not a pop star.

I met with the head of the music department, Dr. Sorkin, who discussed with me the music history classes, such as the History of Rock and Pop, Music History: Antiquity to 1750 and a few other ones. I chose my 6-7 classes that are required for the minor and I was on my way.

Declaring a minor is definitely not mandatory, but it is nice to have some background in another subject other than your major. Your extra knowledge could help you get a job you want or an internship you’ve been waiting for. So far I have only taken the History of Rock and Pop, but after taking that class, I know I made the right decision in choosing a music minor.

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