SOS: I’m Not A Business Major

This March I had the opportunity to attend the international collegiate marketing conference in New Orleans, Louisiana as part of the American Marketing Association executive board. I learned a lot on this trip; why my digital footprint is so important, tips for successful fundraising, and effective networking information. It was eye opening, in more ways than one.

What was most apparent at the beginning of this conference was the fact that I am not a business major. What was most apparent at the end of this conference was the fact that I am so happy I am not a business major. Though I had an inkling that my major was a perfect fit for myself, it’s always nice to have those moments of reassurance, and this trip did just that.


Why I love that I am a communications major

Everyday is different, gives a creative yet analytic approach to a vast area of study


We design websites, debate topics like online privacy, and create critical remixes. As a communications major I have already learned so many different programs and concepts. While at the conference, the different sessions that I attended taught me so much as well, and all of the advice was accurate and I definitely took it all in.

Though I enjoyed learning the ‘business’ side for this trip, it made me so thankful for my communications major. Sure everyone I met in New Orleans was some sort of businessperson, but that just made my ideas and insight into topics so much more diversified than everyone else’s. It is so important to expand your mind and learn from others, but it’s just as important to know your own strengths and that you always have something to contribute.

p.s. Just another plus to the arts and sciences: no business policy


Why I love that perfection is unattainable

It makes everyday a new challenge, constantly striving for more


Throughout this trip I found that each person I met or listened to was very inspiring and very interesting, as each was at the conference for a reason. Whether that was to learn more about the organization, or compete in the various competitions, students were there to network and thrive in this new environment.

In college we are surrounded by people we think to be perfect in some way, and sometimes this can be hard, but it’s supposed to be. I’ve learned that when working with people I need to not feel inferior, but instead contribute my take on different things. Just because they’re older, smarter, or know the right people that doesn’t mean anything, because I am me, and I am in the position I am for a reason. Know yourself, your strengths, and why exactly you are where you are, and do not change any of these just because you may be at an international conference for marketing…


Incoming freshmen, current college students, graduating seniors:

A major does not define you, what you learn does


Don’t be so wrapped up in picking a major that you ‘think’ will look good, instead choose a major that have classes that interest you. Remember that you are the one that has to sit through these classes. Instead of just ‘surviving’ your class schedule, why not be excited about them? You go to college to learn, not endure, and the best way to do this is by having interest in what you are studying.

As a student at SJU a purpose has always been followed and told to one another as a mission to follow: fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything. As we all make our way through college and beyond we must be sure to follow our dreams, not someone else’s, and to find passion in all that we do.


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