5 Signs You Just May, Sort Of, Kind Of, Be An Adult

With the recent graduation of the class of 2016 I couldn’t help but think that soon that will be me, walking across the stage, receiving my diploma, wondering what’s to come next…

Changing your tassel from right to left does not magically transform a person into an adult. Though it may seem like it happens overnight, and you suddenly wake up realizing all of the responsibilities you now have, adulthood isn’t automatic. This overwhelming feeling of responsibility, this change in how your day now plays out from start to finish, it slowly but surely consumes a person. Day by day you do little things that eventually all construct you as a person, no longer a kid, but an adult (well sort of).

5 signs you know you’ve transitioned into adulthood:


1. You hope to connect over LinkedIn rather than Facebook

  • When you first meet someone you would Facebook stalk them, but those were the old days. Now you meet someone and you see if they have a LinkedIn profile. Current job situation? Endorsed on skills? Any mutual connections? Score!


2. You can’t meet your pals for lunch because you’re going to listen to an inspirational speaker, again

  • Listen, sometimes these things just come up, all the time, and you just have to go. Sure, grabbing some food with your friends would be nice, but gaining valuable insight into a person and their career is necessary and priceless information.


3. You don’t leave the house without at least one copy of your resume/portfolio/business card

  • Phone, check. Wallet, check. Keys, check. Copy of your favorite writing piece (a research essay about gorillas) followed by your perfectly spaced resume, check.


4. You chat more with a professor about life than with your friends

  • Office hours, more like ‘lets figure my life out before my 11:15 class’. Professors are here to help, and have so much useful information that they are probably more apt to figure out your future than your bff who is most likely also in the same situation as you would be.


5. You collect business cards, not Pokémon cards

  • Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Whether you were trading with your siblings or maybe dueling with your cousins, these cards were gold, and the more the better. But who needs to battle for ultimate bragging rights when you can possibly get a job from your new growing stack of oh so colorful cards, right?
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