20 Signs You Lived in Saint Mary’s


saint marys

  1. The family tree is more than an alternate universe that doesn’t make sense. It is a way of life.
  2. You know everyone in the house by name
  3. You know the honorary residents by name and preferred couch
  4. You contributed to the atrocity that is the kitchen sink
  5. Any noise/unusual occurrence was because of the ghost
  6. Even though you constantly denied there being a ghost
  7. You have left stuff in the living room including, but not limited to laptops, phones, chargers, books, mugs and school supplies
  8. But also you have complained about the mess in the living room
  9. You know who’s in the shower by their singing voice
  10. Speaking of singing, it was never unusual to burst into song with other residents
  11. The staircase was the prime spot for photo shoots
  12. You were low key scared of the third floor, despite knowing that people lived there, because everyone said the ghost haunts the third floor
  13. You always loved bringing people to Saint Mary’s for the first time because of how amazed they looked and how they would say ‘I wished I lived here!’
  14. You know that Saint Mary’s was a hospice run by nuns, not a convent because you’re an informed resident. Duh.
  15. You were always willing to give someone who was procrastinating a pep talk
  16. You were also the recipient of several pep talks
  17. Jimson is the Saint Mary’s celebrity
  18. It wasn’t unusual to hear screaming at odd hours
  19. You could always depend on someone to be in Saint Mary’s to make you feel better
  20. You knew the other people who lived there were much more than residents, they were family and your best friends.
    Saint Mary's family tree
    Saint Mary’s family tree


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