My favorite professors at SJU

These are in no particular order, but these are some of the professors that I’ve had in the past four years that I’ve really enjoyed having:

Dr. Divya Balasubramaniam – Introductory MicroEconomics

  • Dr. Divya is one of the greatest professors on campus. As a business major, I was required to take micro and macroeconomics. This wasn’t a topic that I was too interested in, but she made it so much fun. She is an amazing teacher and is always willing to help. Four years later, we always say hi to each other on campus and I usually get to see her at the Interfaith Service in the beginning of the spring semester. If you have to take micro, I strongly suggest that you take it with her. It’s worth it!

Dr. Becki Scola – The Politics of Diversity and Inequality in America/ Chair of the Political Science Department/Advisor for Women’s Leadership Initiative

  • When I needed to sign up for my first year seminar, my advisor suggested that I take this course because he said that I might find it interesting. I signed up for this 8am class three times a week and I had no idea that Dr. Scola would turn out to be one of the greatest people that I could come in contact with at St. Joe’s. Not only is she a wonderful professor, she gives it to you straight. This class is about politics and issues of diversity in our country, there is no sugar coating. If you are coming in as a Political Science major, I suggest you get in touch with her now because she is the person that you need to know.

Dr. Steven Miller – Introduction to Finance

  • I strongly disliked Finance and I was terrible at it. But, Dr. Miller made it easier to learn. His lectures were incredibly useful and he’s always open to questions. He’s the kind of professor that will stop in the middle of lecture and say “All of you are looking at me with blank faces, tell me what you don’t understand so we can go over it.” If he stops class to say that, use that time to ask questions because you will be lost if you don’t. We also had online homework and practice quizzes that we were allowed to take multiple times for extra practice. Use the resources given to you, it can only help you!

Amie Sheridan – Event Marketing

  • While I was looking for classes to take for my marketing concentration, I saw this class and thought that it would be interesting since I was on the programming board for three years. Even though I could apply some of the things that I already knew, I also learned so much more. Professor Sheridan is awesome. Lectures are fun, the material is interesting and we always had great discussions. Professor Sheridan is also a professor who still remembers you when you no longer in her class and is always willing to talk about career advice, we also got a lot of internship and volunteer opportunities just by taking her class so again, use your resources!

Dr. Jennifer Ewald – Introduction to Linguistics/Language and the Law

  • I didn’t think that I had any interest in linguistics until I happened to find these classes. I took Language and the Law to fulfill my ethics intensive requirement and Intro to Linguistics as my Art/Literature requirement. Not only do you learn a lot in these classes, Dr. Ewald is one of the greatest professors that you could have at SJU. Wonderful professor but also just a really caring person. She keeps in touch with students even if they aren’t Linguistics majors/minors and is a great support system whether it’s for academics or personal stuff. I’m so glad that I had the chance to be in her classes because I got much out of it than just linguistic knowledge.

Kathleen Hennessey – Investigations in Astronomy Lab

  • I only had professor Hennessey for lab once a week and I absolutely adore her. After my first lab with her, I would’ve switched into her lectures but it didn’t fit into my schedule. She is not only one of the nicest professors on campus, you can tell that she really loves what she does. I’m not really a science person but Professor Hennessey made labs fun and we got a lot out of them. She even made an astronomy themed mix CD for us to listen to during lab! How many professors do that?!

Stephanie Tryce – Sports Law

  • I wish that I had been able to take a class with Professor Tryce more than just once. She is an amazing professor and really takes her time to make sure that you understand the material. Exams are graded anonymously. She encourages you to come to her office hours if you don’t understand anything and is willing to sit with you to go over anything that you need. Lectures are never boring and this was the only night class that I enjoyed. If you’re a sports marketing major or want to take a business elective, take a class with her.

Dr. Ronald Dufresne – Perspectives on Leadership

  • D is one of the best professors that I’ve had. This class was also one of the best that I’ve had. You learn a lot over the course of the semester and there’s a lot of work involved, but it doesn’t feel like work at all. This was the only class where I actually enjoyed doing a group project. Lectures are always interesting and he tries to make the class as fun as possible. If you’re a LEO major or minor you’ll have him for sure and if you’re looking for a fun class to take this is it!
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