Welcome to My Home: The Merion Atrium

My absolute favorite place on campus (besides my bed) is the Merion Atrium. If you’re not familiar, the Falese Atrium in Merion Hall is a place where dreams come true and happiness is around every corner. If you’re ever looking for me on campus, it’s more than likely that I am plopped on one of the super-comfy chairs on the first floor with an Einstein’s bagel in hand, pretending to do work on my laptop.

Last semester’s addition of Einstein’s Bagels really turned up the traffic in my happy dwelling space. This was a bittersweet addition to my world; I love the bagels and I love seeing so many people, but, when there are bagels and lovely people in the same space, it will quickly become an overpopulated. I used to be able to meander through the atrium in between classes and find one of those super-comfy chairs just waiting for me to rest in. Post-Einstein’s, it’s a bit more of a challenge to find the perfect place to sit, but I can always make do with a less comfy chair at a table, which is even better for pretending to do work.

Einstein’s Bagels in Merion Hall on a Friday afternoon

My favorite thing about the atrium is the atmosphere. Each typical student has at least one class in this building, so it’s pretty likely to see a friendly face or two, no matter what time it is. Students can really make the atrium their own because tables and chairs move so easily across the carpeted floor. My friends and I are huge fans of the super-comfy chairs that I keep mentioning, so if you see a group of 4-8 people sitting in an obnoxiously large circle of chairs, it’s probably us.

Another great thing about the atrium is that it is located on what in my opinion is the most beautiful side of campus If you take a stroll around the Maguire Campus, you can find gorgeous houses, lush fields, and blooming trees. So, walking to the atrium is a lovely experience in itself.

So, if you’re ever looking for me on campus, a good place to start is the Merion Atrium. It’s a great place to be, and I highly recommend it for both study seshes and social hours.

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