College is more than building your resume

Many students have a hard time a hard time figuring out what extra-curricular activities to join in college. Luckily, at Saint Joe’s we have an Activities Fair at the beginning of each semester. This allows students to see all of the organizations that campus has to offer and sign up for the ones that they are interested in. 9 times out of 10, students sign up for more organizations than they could ever actually keep up with.  That’s perfectly okay, you’re not expected to stick with all of them. The purpose is to explore your options, and pick the ones that you would most likely enjoy.

Some students seem to think that they have to continue all of the organizations that they were involved in from high school. You don’t. Now is actually the best time to try new things, you might learn that there’s something out there that you had no idea that would enjoy so much. One of my suitemates freshman year was a cheerleader her entire life, but when she didn’t make the team here she started to play rugby. Something that she never really had in interest in but ended up loving more than cheerleading.

On the other hand, some students think that all of their extracurricular activities have to be related to their major. Again, this is not true. If you love your major that much then those clubs are great. But they should also include things that are less work and a little more fun. Something random and outside of your major looks just as good on your resume as everything else. They are also great conversation starters.

In my four years I have often seen people join certain clubs just because they believe that it looks good on their resumes. That is the worst reason to join a club. If you’re a part of an organization that you aren’t passionate about, it shows. Others within your organization will notice that you aren’t putting your heart into your work. I have been on executive boards with people who really did not care about the organization. What happened? I had to pick up the slack and fix their mistakes. I ended up doing twice the work that I should have been doing. Situations like this create tension among members and takes away from the fun part of joining an organization.

Yes, we are here to further our educations, but we are also here to have fun. Don’t be a finance major just because it sounds good. Don’t join an executive board just to have a leadership position. Choose the major that leads you to the career you love. Join the clubs that help you create memories.

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