The 411 on being a Business Administration Major

Before I came to college I knew for sure that I would be a business major. I was also certain that I wanted to do something relating to management. The BA major here is exactly what I was looking for. It’s pretty flexible, covers a lot of aspects in overall business, and you get to have a lot of say in the courses that you take. Students typically take five courses each semester. If need be, you can also take courses over the summer and during breaks

There are ten core classes that you have to take aside from the GEP (General Education Program) requirements:

  • ACC 101 – Concepts of Financial Accounting
  • ACC 102 – Managerial Accounting
  • DSS 200 – Introduction to Information Systems
  • DSS 210 – Business Statistics
  • DSS 220 – Business Analytics
  • FIN 200 – Introduction to Finance
  • MGT 110 – Essentials of Organizational Behavior
    • or MGT 120 – Essentials of Management (it doesn’t matter which one)
  • MGT 360 – Legal Environment of Business
  • MKT 201 – Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 495 – Business Policy

In addition to these you also will complete ACC 100 – Excel Competency online. This is a non-credit pass or fail course.

Business Administration requires that you choose three concentrations within the business school. This means that you will take two upper level courses in each of the the departments that you select.  I chose Food Marketing, Management, and Marketing. Those were the ones that interested me the most, and I knew that I would enjoy them. You could also choose courses from Accounting, Decision and System Sciences, Finance, and Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing.

If you decide to become a business administration major, it means that you can’t minor within the business school. There are a ton of great options in the College of Arts and Sciences. some of them are Interdisciplinary Health Services, Psychology, Political Science and Communications just to name a few, so that is another thing to think about when declaring you major.

That is pretty much the rundown of being a Business Administration major. If there are any undecided business majors out there, you should definitely consider BA 🙂

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