Sophomore Slump OR Comeback of the Year

My favorite band, Fall Out Boy, has a song called “Sophomore Slump Or Comeback of the Year” and this song has puzzled me since—well since I was a sophomore in high school. The majority of Fall Out Boy’s songs make me think, because their lyrics are never as simple and mundane as they are now. You used to have to think about what they were trying to get across to their listeners. This song in particular bothered me because it was set up as a choice. Do you have a sophomore slump or is this your comeback of the year? Well, as a sophomore in college and overly dedicated fan of Fall Out Boy, I feel like I am certified to answer this question.

You see, it’s not an either/or option. You don’t have a sophomore slump OR a comeback of the year. The whole time it was a trick question. Your sophomore year is both of these things.

When you’re a sophomore, the ‘but I’m only a freshman excuse’ is invalid. You’re a sophomore now, a wise fool, a second year student, which means that you’re actually closer to becoming an actual adult. By the time you’re done with your sophomore year, you’re halfway through college.

Your sophomore year of college is also when you have to start thinking about internships, jobs, potentially moving off campus, your classes get harder, your professors expect more out of you, and you don’t see your best friends as much— it’s a rough year.

However, this is where the comeback comes in. After your slump, you realize that you’re internship will lead you to a job that you’ll love doing. Moving off campus could be a really great experience. Your classes and your professors are challenging you, but you will only learn more and become smarter. Making more of an effort to see your friends will only show them that you care or you could even make new friends.

Your sophomore slump is inevitable. It’s not as much of a slump as it is a punch in the stomach. However, your slump will inspire you to get to your comeback of the year. You will only grow and become a better individual.

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