Senior year: Friends

IMG_4213Am I the only one feeling like I’ve met so many cool people senior year? Between new people I’ve met in class, old classmates I’ve built stronger relationships with, and the regulars at Tuesday night Quizzo at Landmark, I have handfuls of new, cool pals. I always stop and think, “where were you for the last three years of my life?”

I have this idea, and I want to know where you guys weigh in on this. There’s a whole senior year experience, like there was a freshmen year experience, that brings us all closer together. Think about it. Freshmen year, many of us were so excited for a new school, new friends, new experiences. We were open to meeting new people in our dorms, classes, clubs, and other unspeakable social events. Then, by sophomore year we have our clique and we’re honestly just tired of the infinite small talk of freshmen year, so our spike of new companionships plateaus. Junior year, lord only knows what happens. Many people move off campus and are so in love with their roommates (or not). Others study abroad and return desperate for the familiarity of their sophomore year friends. Others have internships or off-campus jobs for the first time. In a nutshell, we’re so caught up in life and collecting new experiences that we don’t stop to chat with new people. But then senior year happens …

Senior year is all “chat across the classroom before the professor comes in” and “are you going out tonight?” You literally talk to anyone. You’re at Quizzo and can only find a seat at the bar, so you strike up a convo with the people around you. You have group projects with 4 other seniors and you’re all checked out, so instead of using the class time designated to plan, you spend it all detailing who literally “can’t” more than everyone else. You decide to start doing Marg Monday at Landmark every week with the 3 other seniors in your major. Above everything – you don’t really mind when other seniors ask about your post-grad plans, and even bond over the fact that nobody knows what the hell is going to happen next.

Not one single person likes to be asked what he or she is doing after graduation. We are annoyed with family members and their suggestions, or requirements, on what jobs we should hold. Actually grandpa, Spanish is my passion, and I’m not worried about stability right now. I’m here to explore what I want to do for the rest of my life and I’m okay with it not all working out right away. We have very awkward conversations with our advisors who want us to go on to get our masters degrees to make ourselves more marketable. Sorry Dr. So-and-So, but I am DOG TIRED. We’ve been having this conversation for years already and I am just tired, okay? I’m not applying for grad schools right now.

a0e60bf0e2bfbe7b9513342fd3ec8ba7But, when another senior asks, it’s like the moment you’ve secretly been waiting for for months. The moment to share in a state of “who the hell knows???” with another person. Because frankly, there are still a lot of us who just don’t know what’s next. And how awesome is it that our common experience brings us all closer together? Even those of us who have some sort of an idea about our post-grad plans, we all have some portion of fear, anxiety, or stress about what’s to come. We all share in the unknowingness (is this a real word?) that is senior year. We are all the same, despite our many, many differences. We are all seniors. And we are all friends.

Keep pushing seniors, the end is almost near. ✌?

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