The Thirst Project

663 million.

The number of people without the access to safe drinking water

8 college students.

Turned $70 into $1700 and founded the world’s largest youth water organization


Why: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than AIDS, Malaria, and all world violence combined. By providing a community with safe drinking water, disease rates can drop up to 88%, and child mortality rates can drop up to 90%.


Where: Swaziland has the single-highest-density population of HIV/AIDS in the world, and even if you have access to medical treatment, but are still forced to drink dirty water, the diseases in the water will actually kill you faster than AIDS itself. Thirst is currently in 13 countries, but this is happening all over the world.


How: The Thirst Project made a goal, to provide access to safe, clean drinking water to all people in the country of Swaziland by 2022. They are working with the Swaziland Government in order to reach 100% coverage. In order to help, Thirst hopes to raise $50 million in 10 years, very ambitious, but very attainable with the help of YOU.


This is The Thirst Project. Thirst-Project_Logo


On Tuesday March 1st Phi Sigma Sigma and the American Marketing Association joined together to welcome representatives from The Thirst Project to SJU.  Many students came out, making this Thirst’s highest attended college presentation!


Before reaching out to this non-profit, I did what every person does in order to learn information, I googled them. After spending an entire afternoon going through every link on their website I found their videos. The witty write-ups and inspiring pictures were so uplifting, but actually watching this organization in action, motivating.


After the presentation was done I felt like I was back. My second semester has been very successful thus far, but sometimes you just get in a funk, and start forgetting about some of the very reasons why you are who you are. Before starting school here I was part of the early move in program PSIP (Philadelphia Service Immersion Program), where I did service in center city. One of the main reasons SJU caught my attention was because of the emphasis on service and doing more (#thatsthemagis). Without even realizing it I seemed to have taken a break from this, and after hearing our speakers Evan and Dahe talk so passionately about Thirst, I knew that I had found my next project, I was inspired, I was back.


My goals for the future of this project are pretty simple. Just try. With any service, it doesn’t matter if you help in the smallest simplest way, or take it farther than ever imagined, just as long as you are trying your best. I am beyond excited to help an organization that I truly believe in and even more excited to learn something new with taking on this project.


“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”

Swami Sivananda 

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