All Aboard the Struggle Bus: The Epilogue

So, what was the point of that trilogy? (Click here to start from the beginning)  Well, for one thing it was supposed to entertain you. But actually, it’s supposed to teach you a lesson. I know, I know this isn’t an after school special and I should’ve warned you from the beginning, but hey, I’m almost done. I get complimented on my fake Toms whenever I wear them, and I can’t help but laugh because I’m reminded of the weekend I had when I got them. It took a while for me to realize it, but that’s a pretty great story. I was never able to tell that story without flailing my arms angrily, or rolling my eyes, or groaning in frustration. However, I love telling that story now. I love watching people’s reactions while I tell it; I even smile and laugh myself while telling it. The point is, it’s important to laugh at yourself every once in a while. It’s a really good thing to look back on something and realize it’s not as awful as you remember. If you never learn to laugh at yourself then you’ll always have a pessimistic mindset, which isn’t good. Not everything in life is going to be funny, obviously, but learn not to worry yourself over the little things. The best part of going to college (other than getting a wonderful education) are the stories that you get to tell along the way.


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