Second Semester Mantras

The beginning of my second semester as a freshman I made a few goals; not resolutions to stop eating Campion cookies, but instead mantras to implement in my everyday life. Now the middle of the semester, I can happily say that all three of my mantras are in fact being met, and I believe that each has made a huge impact on my semester thus far.


Mantra comes from Sanskrit origin, with the prefix meaning mind, and the suffix meaning instrument. Therefore together, mantra means an instrument of the mind. These words or phrases are made by you in order to aid as a tool in order to bring psychological and/or spiritual power. Whatever the reason, whatever the belief, whatever the use, mantras are accessible to everyone. These simple words or phrases are personalized just for you and simply put, serve as a sense of guidance and comfort.


So what are my second semester mantras you ask?


  • Worry About Now

Because worrying today is borrowing from tomorrow


  • Maximize This Day

Wake up early even if it’s just to have a longer day to loaf-make the most out of today


  • Make Today Happiness Filled

Do something because I genuinely want to do it-please no one but myself


What I didn’t realize until after writing my mantras down is that each one deals with the current moment. It is so important to live for today and not get caught up in the next occasion. As much as college is about looking forward and getting the next thing done, living your day out fully and not looking to tomorrow is just as important.


Mantras are great because they are personalized for each individual, and are long term. What you choose to change in your life won’t be just a check off a list, but instead a milestone reached. Your mantras don’t ever go away, but instead are to be built upon. I think many people try to set goals and do everything they can to reach them, but mantras are different, they help and challenge you each and every day.


For college students, everyday brings something new (usually in the form of homework). Instead of us just bracing ourselves and taking on the day, why not actually live through it? I feel like this semester I realized that I don’t want to just get through a day (Wednesday labs), but instead make the most out of every situation thrown my way to make the outcome successful.

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