Visit Philly 2016: Spring Events

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and the temperature is slowly escaping the below freezing mark; spring is coming! Spring is my absolute favorite season in the year. The feeling of crisp, fresh March air on the face and warm sun on the skin is bliss in its purest form. This spring, I’m making it a goal to get out into the beautiful city of Philadelphia more often. With the city nearly in my backyard, I sometimes take it for granted. I’ve done some research into events going on in Philly this season, and hopefully it will also inspire all you lovely readers to get out and feel the brotherly love.

Philadelphia Flower Show

March 5 – March 13

The Philadelphia Horticulture Society presents its annual Flower Show, which dates back to 1829. This year’s theme is “Explore America” which will guide visitors through displays inspired by the most famous natural parks in the country. While gazing at the flower displays, visitors will also learn about the history and beauty of the US’s natural parks. Other than all the educational stuff, the Flower Show is simply beautiful. Greet Spring with open arms and eager nostrils as you travel through Acadia, Cape Cod, Valley Forge, Shenandoah, Yellowstone, and Yosemite parks. In addition to the exhibits, other attractions include a playground, shopping, dining, and, of course, a beer garden.

For more information and tickets, visit the Flower Show website.

The Art of the Brick

The Franklin Institute, Open Now

The Franklin Institute presents The Art of the Brick, a unique art exhibit made entirely out of LEGOs. The artist is Nathan Sawaya, who is famous for recreating iconic masterpieces as well as his own original works solely using LEGO bricks. CNN named The Art of the Brick as one of the top “Global Must-See Exhibitions,” and will only be open until October 4th.

“Hundreds of thousands of the colorful bricks are used to create the whimsical works, including famous paintings like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, a Tyrannosaurus skeleton, and inspiring original works,” as praised by the Visit Philly website.

For tickets and more information, visit The Franklin Institute’s website.

The Science Behind Pixar

The Franklin Institute, March 12 – September 5

Another great event presented by The Franklin Institute comes to Philly on March 12th. Take a sneak-peek into the process behind the creation of all of your favorite Pixar movies. Apparently, there’s a whole lot of science and technology behind creating these movies. Explore and discover the wonderful world of animation through the artists and scientists that take Pixar movies from a concept to a big screen film. Guests will learn about the production process through “hands-on learning experiences, including modeling activities, animation opportunities, and more” at The Franklin Institute’s special exhibit.

For tickets and more information, visit The Franklin Institute’s website.

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA)

Festival: April 8-23; Street Fair: April 23

Curated by the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, PIFA returns in April to showcase and celebrate Philly’s visual and performing arts community. The festival will feature both local and international performances and exhibits during the 16-day event. The concept of this year’s festival is “We Are What We Make,” which will “explore how our humanity is shaped, changed, and inspired by the world we create,” as the PIFA release so eloquently states. The festival presents a way to celebrate art, creativity, and good company as the city is transformed into one massive artistic installation.

for tickets and more information, visit PIFA’s website.

Information Coming Soon: South Street Spring Festival and Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival

Updated information about these two festivals is not currently available, but I will post it here once it has been updated!


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