All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Part III

The long awaited final part of your new favorite (yup, definitely your favorite) trilogy! If you’re just tuning in, feel free to check out part I and part II!

Vivian’s new shoes were pretty great. They were comfortable and they just happened to be the same color as her raincoat. Nicole and Vivian took the magical subway across the city, and walked the rest of the way to the art museum. It was a cloudy day, but fortunately it was a pleasant 70 degrees outside. They walked through a park and past the Ben Franklin Parkway. They reached the museum around noon. They went behind the museum

kelly drive
The park behind Kelly Drive

where Vivian had never been before and saw a lovely park behind a pathway called Kelly Drive. They walked around the park and talked about life, which was very relaxing, considering how Vivian’s morning started out.

They finally went back to the museum and were excited to finally see the Impressionist exhibit. While in line to pay for a ticket, the woman at the counter asked the girls if they wanted to be members at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It would not cost any extra fee, just $20. The girls politely declined and were told they would not be able to get into the Impressionist exhibit until 3 or 4 p.m. This would simply not work. Nicole and Vivian had plans to meet friends at

a fountain behind the museum

the Magic Gardens at that time.

“Isn’t there any way we can get in before 4?” Vivian pleaded with the woman at the counter.

“Well,” the woman began, “IF you were members, I could get you in around 1.”

A man in a very fancy suit asked if there was anything wrong and the woman behind the counter explained the predicament to him.

“Did you ask if they wanted to be members? Because then they could get in much sooner” was his ever so helpful reply.

“I did,” she looked at Vivian and added, “I even told them it wouldn’t cost extra, but they don’t want a membership.”

Vivian and Nicole exchanged glances and talked it over. They considered just getting a general admission ticket, but they both knew that the Impressionist exhibit was their destination—their land of Oz if you will.

Vivian and Nicole sighed and told the woman they would become members of the museum.

“Oh, how great!” she replied victoriously.

The girls paid their twenty dollars and gave the woman their contact information and it was done— they were official members of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

They walked around until 1 when they were finally admitted into the Impressionist exhibit. It was wonderful. There were oil paintings that took up the entire length of the walls, paintings that looked like they could have been photographs, and many portraits. The girls were amazed by everything they saw.

After a few hours, they realized it was time to meet up with their friends on South Street. Nicole and Vivian didn’t actually go into the Magic Gardens, but they met their friends there. When they all finally met up, they went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Vivian ordered a cheeseburger and a piece of cheesecake for dessert (obviously). By the time they finished it was around nine o’clock. They all went to the subway, then the train station, and finally they all went to their respectful dorms when they were back on campus.

Vivian’s feet had never been so sore in her life. When she got back to her humble abode of Saint Mary’s, she took her shoes and socks off to find her feet were a lovely shade of lavender and they were very swollen. She put a different pair of socks on and sat on her bed with her feet up for a very long time. She eventually went out into the living room and found her friends sitting around. She joined them and decided to not go to the concert the next day. Her feet needed rest and she was very much looking forward to sleeping in.

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