All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Part II

The second part to your favorite (okay, second favorite) trilogy! Catch Part I here and stay tuned for Part III next week!

Vivian and her dear comrade Nicole had planned to journey to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Impressionist exhibit. Vivian was so excited to go, but her feet were so sore, she was kinda exhausted and on top of all of that she overslept. She whirled around her room like a tornado picking out whatever clothes she could find and throwing on the first pair of shoes she could find. She ran to the door and power walked to the train station (Vivian’s not much of an athlete, so running wasn’t a realistic option). She was disappointed she did not find a tin man, scarecrow or cowardly lion on her way there, but she found some nuns and told them to have a good morning and went on her merry way. The train came and left without Nicole and Vivian, so they had to wait another half hour before the next one came. While sitting on an emerald bench, Nicole asked Vivian the most frightening question she had ever heard in her life:

“Are you aware your shoes don’t match?”

Lo and behold, Vivian was not wearing matching shoes. She was wearing one olive green sandal and one sparkly sandal. She was pretty unhappy.

“Why didn’t you say something sooner?!” she inquired of Nicole.

My famous fake Toms

However, Nicole was unable to answer this question due to the laughter at her own question. Vivian could never go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art wearing mismatching shoes. That was unheard of! So, the two did what any other person would have done: they went shoe shopping in the city. They went to an H&M, which was one of their favorite stores, but the shoes there were unnecessarily overpriced, which caused Vivian to say some incredibl
y inappropriate things. Then they went to a Forever 21, where Vivian said even more incredibly inappropriate things. Finally, they found a Payless. They sat on the floor of the Payless to try to find Vivian a pair of shoes that were on sale, reasonably priced and not ugly. They finally came across a pair of teal shoes identical to Toms. The shoes fit, but Vivian wasn’t sure if she was supposed to wear socks with the shoes, so she asked the lovely attendant at the cash register. He told Vivian “you could wear them with socks, without socks, girl, you rock them any way you want,” which was possibly the most unhelpful piece of advice Vivian had ever received. She bought a pair of socks anyways. They were finally ready to go to the Art Museum.




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