The Struggle of Getting Yourself to Class: Winter Edition

"Winterly Introspection" by
“Winterly Introspection” by

If you’ve ever come in contact with me while outdoors between the months of December and February, I’m sorry. Winter and I are not friends. I find winter to be cold and depressing, and all around just not a good time. Combine this hatred of the cold months with living on a campus where it is only logical to walk everywhere, and the result will be my ultimate struggle of getting to class. It’s not that I mind going to class, it’s just the idea of leaving my cozy apartment to face the harsh reality of the cold outside world.

I truly admire those people who don’t mind the cold, and for some reason aren’t bothered by the feeling of the wind stinging and burning their faces…It hurts. So, if you aren’t one of those people, what do you do?

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…Aaaactually, I don’t really know. I feel like this post should take a hopeful turn, and run along the theme of “5 things to do if you hate the cold.” But, I’m just going to be honest and say winter is an obstacle that I have yet to overcome. The only thing that gets me to walk across campus from my apartment in Rashford to my morning class in Merion Hall is the hot coffee and toasted bagel from Einstein’s that I always know will be there waiting.

Another thing that gets me through the frigid days is seeing people on campus who are also trying to escape the cold. I genuinely enjoy that encounter when you see a friend on your way to class but neither of you feel like stopping to chat because you’re both so cold. So, when I get a quick, “Heyhowareyouitsnicetoseeyoubye,” I’m like, “Yes. She gets it,” and make a mental note to make sure to find that person in the unlikely case of an apocalypse, because we both hold survival very near and dear to our hearts.

If you’re like me and despair comes in the form of a cloudy, below-freezing day with any chance of precipitation, we’re about halfway through and we WILL make it. So after letting out that loud sigh after checking tomorrow’s forecast, try to dream of happier days when it’s sunny and 75. It’s coming.

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