All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Part 1

Once upon a time, in a land not far away at all, a pretty awesome, snarky, fan girl who just coincidentally happened to be named Vivian wanted to have the best weekend ever. She was going to go to a Twenty One Pilots concert on a Friday, visit the Philadelphia Art Museum on Saturday morning and spend the whole day in the city, then on Sunday go to another concert. It was supposed to be the best weekend ever. It was the complete opposite of that. Stay tuned for the next few weeks for the full trilogy!

Let’s begin at the concert. Twenty One Pilots is one of Vivian’s favorite bands and she was going to go see them with two of her raddest friends, Emma and Amber. The three of them got dinner at Redding Terminal Market and then proceeded to the magical Penn’s Landing, the venue for that night’s concert. Don’t get me wrong, Vivian and her friends were so excited for the concert, but the line to get into the venue was at least a mile long. They tried multiple ways to make the time go faster, such as narrating their actions, having a pun contest, and arguing. Unfortunately, time was being pretty stubborn that day, so it took a while for them to get in. They were finally let in, but they were so tightly packed together they could not even move. They couldn’t see very well, due to everyone else around them being significantly taller. However, the vibes and energy from the audience and the band were so incredible that it made up for being drenched in their own sweat and other people’s (not as much the latter, that was still pretty gross) and Vivian stepping on a red and white can that belonged to someone named Bud W. Eiser and having the mysteriously smelling liquid explode all over her right leg.

3 hours later, the concert was over and Emma, Amber and Vivian realized that they needed water to rehydrate themselves. They travelled far and wide throughout the kingdom to find a place that would sell them water. They finally arrived at a small, neon lighted shop that only sold water bottles by the liter. They each bought one and finished them before the train even arrived. While at the train station they saw strange people. Apparently, these people had travelled to a different place to watch a chapelmaster named Luke Bryan perform. The Skeleton Clique, adorned in black clothing and Converse, gazed at the members of the Nut House, garbed in flannel and cowboy boots. The train finally arrived at 1 in the morning and each passenger tried their very hardest not to fall asleep. The 21 Pilots squad all finally got back home. Vivian immediately took a shower when she got back to her humble abode of Saint Mary’s. She went to bed around 2:30 a.m. where she fell into a deep sleep, only to be woken up 7 hours later.

to be continued

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