Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King

As we all know, we had a break from classes yesterday in observance of MLK Day. This week there are lots of events and activities scheduled by the Diversity Awareness Committee to continue celebrating his legacy:

Tuesday, January 19th:
Wednesday, January 20th:
  • Martin Luther King Jr: Alternative Narratives (Round table Discussion), Presidents’ Lounge, 4:30 pm. The familiar narrative of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the American hero and Civil Rights leader, is an important part of the story of the America. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of his historic visit to Saint Joseph’s University, this panel will challenge the present memory. Profs. Randall Miller, Katherine Sibley and Brian Yates, all from the department of History at SJU, will present alternative narratives of his life and philosophy, emphasizing his internationalism and his critiques of American domestic and foreign policies.
Thursday, January 21st:
Friday, January 22nd:
  • King: A Filmed Record…Montgomery to Memphis, documentary excerpts and discussion, Forum Theater, 5pm Snacks provided!
Weekend, January 23 – 24:
  • Interfaith Opportunities on Saturday and Sunday at local Baptist Church, Synagogue, and Mosque. Anyone interested can email studentinterfaith@sju.edu


Events are open to all students and it is strongly encouraged that as many students as possible attend. Who knows, maybe those of you currently taking history or diversity intensive classes can get some extra credit! It’s never too early for extra credit. 🙂

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