Scheduling Woes

What is one of the most stressful times in any college student’s life? I’m not talking finals week or graduation here people — I’m talking scheduling. This time is so important to every student’s well being, as it determines how your next semester will go. Will you get all of the classes you wanted but awful times, or maybe all of the teachers are great, but it didn’t follow your original plan? Either way, scheduling at any school is always a tad different, so lets first break down how it’s done here at SJU.


On Hawk Hill there is a week worth of scheduling. The seniors have the first day, juniors and sophomores follow, and finally freshman go last. During each day, students are given a pick time, ranging from 7 A.M-3 P.M. at two-hour increments. Within each students designated day there is also a ranking. For example, athletes and honors students receive the earliest pick time, however the rest of the student body is given a completely random time. Now myself, being the ever so lucky gal I am, received the very last pick time. So, for those of you whose only luck is bad luck, here is my scheduling experience:


A half hour before my time to schedule had arrived I was ready. My computer was fully charged, my desk was cleared for the many schedules I had made, and my pin number was memorized. I knew the classes that were available, how many seats were left, and which class number I should type in first. I was ready for action. As I continuously refreshed the page I knew that it was now or never so I needed to stay focused. At last, the time had arrived and I was in. As I began to type as fast as I could, it was only to see that with each number I put in, I did not get in the class. Appalled, confused, and in complete despair I sat back in my chair, collected myself, and made a new schedule (most likely my 6th or 7th one), and once again began to type them in. Thank goodness, I got them. The only issue – I had just four classes. I knew there was no possible way I could do this scheduling thing anymore, so I instead waited until later that night to regroup, because what did I really have to loose? Looking at the classes I realized that maybe I should take a class that could go towards a minor, except I didn’t even know what minor I would want. With the help of my, RA I was blessed with the knowledge of an AMAZING feature on SJU’s website which shows you what classes you need to take if you were to choose a certain major/minor. Alas, I saw what I should take, if the class was open (it was), and finally, worked it into my schedule.


Something important to realize is that scheduling never ends. Once you think you have the schedule you want, something will turn up, such as ‘Maybe I should take the same English professor for both semesters?’ or possibly ‘What if I move this class earlier, then I can take another class later?’ Either way the cookie crumbles, you are going to have classes to go to. Though, being the ever-adapting college student that you are, you will begin to see that the class schedule you picked will soon become routine, and that perfect schedule you once made will be far from your mind. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and if you do not get the first schedule you made, or the second, or the third, do not stress! Know that it can only get better, and hey, who’s to say you won’t find your best friend, hawkmate, or even new major with that extra class you ended up having to take?

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