Tips for keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

Some people make New Years Resolutions every year, but how many us actually stick with them? Here are a few tips to make sure that you reach you goals this year:

  1. Make sure your resolutions are things that you really want.
    • Your resolutions should be something that you want to achieve, not what others think you should achieve. Sure we can all go to the gym more often, but do you really want to? If the answer is no, then you may not have enough motivation to work for it. If you’re not motivated, then why make it a goal in the first place? Work towards something that you can be proud of and get excited for!
  2. Have a friend hold you accountable
    • This can can work in two ways: 1) Tell a friend what your goal is and ask them to help you stay on track. They can give you a little push and boost of confidence when you need it. 2) Partner up with a friend that is working toward the same things and work together. Remind each other that you are in this together and support each other the whole way through
  3. Don’t overdo it
    • Keep your resolutions at a reasonable number, maybe two or three. If you have a long list, it gets hard to keep up with everything going on all at once
  4. Be specific
    • Don’t just say “I want to workout more” or “I want to eat healthier” Instead say “I want to do 30 minutes of cardio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 p.m.” or “I want to eat a full serving of fruits and/or vegetables with every meal, and cut out all junk food.”
  5. Make a plan
    • Map out a deadline for when you want to achieve your goal and the steps that it will take to get there. If you want to spend more time studying, pick which days and times, as well as which classes to study for at those times. Deadlines and schedules are especially useful to keep track of your progress
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