Radio 1851 Networking Lunch

In early Octobcrder, Radio 1851 participated in national College Radio Day. The event is organized by the College Radio Foundation, and its purpose is to bring college radio stations together all around the world to celebrate the importance of college radio.

Saint Joseph’s campus radio station, Radio 1851, used the week of College Radio Day as a chance to run events to engage their DJs and the students on campus. One event of the week was a career networking lunch. Radio 1851 Career Networking Lunch provided students the opportunity to network with and learn from a panel of guests that are program directors and on-air personalities from local radio stations.

The students that attended the event benefited tremendously; students became friends with radio professionals, received contacts and even jobs! The radio and entertainment industry is extremely competitive. As the panel mentioned, the industry only hires based on connections. Furthermore, a student will never receive a job offer from simply submitting their resume into an online job posting. No matter the industry, an employer has to feel confident before extending a job offer. As a student, all you need to find a job is to have good character, high amount of interest, and the ability to perform the tasks. There is not a better way to demonstrate that you have a good character and high amount of interest than attending a networking event.

It is almost impossible to find a job if you do not know what your interests are to start a job search. It is crucial to a student’s education to gain outside of the classroom knowledge. Throughout each school year, there are many opportunities to learn about different industries or careers. A student seeking a job or internship would find it difficult when they are unsure of what interests them. Radio 1851 Career Networking Lunch provided students with the reality of how to enter into the entertainment industry and the lifestyle of working for radio as well.

Radio 1851 Career Networking Lunch Social Flyer

The easiest time to network is while you are a student. As Spike Eskin, the program director for WIP, shared, “It is always fun to meet the people who will one day take your job.” As someone who would like to work in the entertainment industry, I liked seeing first-hand how the guests all enjoyed being with one another and knew everyone. It was evident that the industry is a close community. Students who attended the networking event learned tips and tricks of hosting a radio show and running a radio station.

Radio 1851 offered students a chance to network within a specific industry. If a student wants to work in the entertainment industry, attending networking events about that specific industry is a must. Saint Joseph’s does not offer a broadcasting degree; however, there are many other avenues to work in the industry. The school of arts and science offers a communication degree with many unique tracks tailored to different professions. Additionally, the business school offers an entertainment marketing degree.

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