Preparing for spring semester

Congratulations to everyone that has already finished their finals and is ready to head home! Another semester of school in the books! If you’ve still got one or two left, keep pushing through, you’re almost there!

Many people may think that it’s too soon to start thinking about next semester but, I say it’s never too early! So once your finals are over take a good week or two to relax and enjoy the break. After that, slowly start to prepare yourself to return in the spring. To do that, there are a few simple things that you can do:

  • Buy your textbooks over break (if you haven’t already) so that you have them when classes start.
  • Try to get ahead in reading the textbooks.
    • You may not have your syllabus yet, but reading the introduction/first chapter could give you a feeling of how the course will be.
    • This will also help you determine how you need to study for the course. If you know how you should study before hand, you will be more prepared for quizzes and exams.
  • Now that the stress of registration is over and you have a good idea of what your schedule looks like, plan out what your days will look like.
    • Instead of spending all of your free time doing nonacademic activities, set aside time to get work done one or two days out of the week.
    • And remember: The more time that you spend working on the weekdays, the less you’ll have to do on the weekend!
  • Learn from your mistakes.
    • Every here and there we may fall behind or forget to start our term papers early. To avoid the stress of cramming again, pay attention to what you did this past semester and better yourself for the upcoming semesters.
    • Figure out what works best for you and learn how to minimize your stress all semester long!
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