The Truth About Business Policy

Surely everyone has heard the horror stories of Business Policy. It’s the capstone for everyone in the Haub School of Business. It’s four credits instead of three, and worst of all….it is a semester long group project.

I officially finished Policy on Wednesday, and since then a lot of people have been asking me if it’s really that bad. And the truth is…yes.

It is a lot of work, it is hard to handle at times, and you will have late nights because of it. Sometimes you may even question your major.

BUT, the feeling of finishing this course is extremely satisfying. So for everyone that is starting policy this coming spring (or for business majors that are not yet seniors), here are a few tips for surviving the semester. Each professor is a little different, but I can give some guidelines on the course overall.

Depending on your professor you may be able to choose your group. If that is the case, hopefully you will know people in your class who you can trust, and who also have a strong work ethic.

I didn’t have that option so my professor had all of the Finance majors stand up first and spread themselves throughout the room. Then Accounting, Marketing, and the rest of us (Business Administration, Managing Human Capital, Business Intelligence, etc). From there you will make a group contract. Take this seriously because you may need it later on (hopefully you will not).

The next step is choosing your company. Your professor will provide you with a list of companies that you cannot choose, so you will have to find your top three choices of publicly traded companies that are not on that list.

Then, the fun starts! The way that the rest of the semester works will be up to your professors. What is the same is for every class is that you will have four professors.

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting

The majority of the course will be with your management professor but if you’re a non-finance/accounting person like me, get ready to relearn everything that you tried to forget about.

The best study guide that you could have are the PowerPoints that the professors give you. Take notes and study from them.

This class is obviously not something that you can coast through. So, you need to make sure that you are really putting in the work from the very first day. You need to make sure that you are doing your part as well as making sure that your teammates are doing theirs.

In a nutshell, be prepared to eat, sleep, and breathe this company. Any work that you can put in during the first couple of months will benefit you a lot toward the end!

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