CIP Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year, the Center for International Programs (CIP) hosts a Thanksgiving dinner that allows International and American students to come together, mingle, and enjoy a good meal. For many of the students, this is their first American Thanksgiving dinner so they were excited not only to meet new people, but also to celebrate the holiday.

A few months ago the executive boards of the Asian Student Association (ASA), Latino Student Association (LSA), and International Student Association got together to talk about why there was no overlap of students in our general members. We all agreed that we should start working together in order to support each other’s organizations and help increase each other’s membership. A little while after having that conversation, we heard about the dinner, so LSA and ASA agreed to help cosponsor. As president of Bridging the Gap (BTG), I felt that it was only right that we help out as well. After all, the purpose of BTG is to bring people together from different walks of life. So, the three of us put in a funding request and started spreading the word to our members.

Until this year, I had no idea that this event existed and I’m glad that I had the chance to be a part of it. It wasn’t only a good way to meet people but it was a very relaxed environment, and we got to just talk without feeling pressure. At my table, I was with two members of LSA and four graduate students from India, who are studying Business Intelligence. They told us how they liked the school, why they came to Saint Joe’s, and the things that they missed about home. Like many American students, one thing that they missed the most, was a home cooked meal!

By the end of the night, I was really happy that our organizations got a chance to help out. Hopefully we can make this a tradition, and continue to build a relationship with CIP and the students that they work with.

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