When You’re a Grandma Living in a College Senior’s Body

IMG_2961I turn 21 in February (yes, I’m young for a senior. I didn’t go to Kindergarten) and all of my friends who’ve been 21 for what feels like forever keep reminding me how I just haaaaave to go out once that day comes. But, can I be honest? I find nothing appealing about going to a hot, loud, crowded room and pretending to dance and make small talk with people for hours at a time and during multiple days of the weekend. Like … just why?

Their rebuttals are varied:

  • When you’re 40, you won’t want to go out at all. Now is the time!
  • It’s about hanging out with us and having fun.
  • You’re only a senior once.
  • Blah Blah Blah

Frankly, here’s my thing …

  • I REALLY don’t want to go out now. Forget how I’ll feel when I’m 40. I can tell you right now I don’t want to go out.
  • We can (and do) hang out in a number of different ways. We spend the majority of our time (that we’ll actually remember) together in one way or another. From sitting in the OML all day, laughing and cracking jokes to basketball games to acappella concerts to random nights ordering takeout and watching TV.
  • I really see myself being more of a happy hour kind of gal. A nice drink or two over dinner after a long day of class, work, and meetings is more my speed and something that we all can enjoy.

Honestly, I know myself very well. And I know that I’m a homebody. In my mind, the best way to spend a Friday evening is in cozy pajamas, watching a movie (especially since 25 days of Christmas is nearing, hellooooo!), eating our favorite snacks and maybe, just maybe, mixing up a few drinks or cracking open a bottle of wine. That is more my speed. It’s not that I’m antisocial, or I don’t like hanging out with my friends; I just like doing it in a more casual, comfortable way.

Aside from the bad judgment calls, unnecessary 2 AM Mike’s Pizza excursions and random hookups that I’ve heard all about and that don’t really sell me on the idea of going out, there’s this big thing called money … that I happen not to have very much of.

Just for S&Gs, when having this debate with a few friends, I decided to create an invoice of a typical night out and here’s what I found …

Cover fees – sources say they can be anywhere from $5-20 depending on the night, and location.

Transportation – my friends who MRT (yes it’s a verb) every week say that a round trip Lyft or Uber between campus and Manayunk is about $5 when split between 4 people (God forbid somebody doesn’t go out that week and we’re left to split between only 3 people).

Drinks – let’s say $15 on an open bar or 2 mixed drinks at the bar.

Total – $5-20 + $5 + $15 = $25-40 in one night.

Frequency – my friends claim they’ll be satisfied if I come out twice a month. So that brings me up to a cost of $50-80 per month.


  • I put $50-$60 worth of gas in my car per month to get to school, work, and field placement.
  • My portion of the utilities in my house is between $50-$80 depending on the month.
  • One 60 minute massage plus a tip at Hand and Stone is about $80.     going_out_tonight_big

Now don’t get me wrong, I do spend money, but on things I actually enjoy. If I’m going to spend $50-80 on recreational activities in any given month, they absolutely have to be activities that I will enjoy wholeheartedly, like dinner with friends, concerts, or going to Longwood Gardens to see the Christmas display.

At the end of my weeks, I have to muster up the energy to even get into my PJs before lounging. Wasting an hour and a half getting dressed, the time I’ll spend wishing I had stayed home, and my hard-earned money simply is not what I want to do.

If you read my last post about grad school applications, you know that I am the master of spreadsheets. Not just for grad school apps, but for my monthly budget, all complete with expected income, expected expenses, a healthy repayment plan of my debt, and a small amount devoted to savings. And when I say I work hard for my money, that means that I’d much rather save it up to travel after graduation than blow it at the bars.

That’s just me. Maybe I’m uptight with a stick up my butt. Who knows? Perhaps, I’ll just have to find all the others with similar sticks up their similarly uptight butts! 😉

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