Group Projects

We all hate them, and yet, professors still make us do them. Usually the excuse is because in the “real world” we will have to do them so, we should practice now.

The thing is, group projects can be fun, but only if you like the people who you work with. If you have friends in the class and you can choose to work together, you know that you can trust them. When groups are assigned, there is usually that one person that hardly does their part, doesn’t show up for meetings, but somehow gets the same grade as everyone else.

THAT is the reason that I hate group projects. There is no point in forcing me to fill out a team evaluation that won’t be considered when the grades are handed out.

On the other hand, if everyone was given a grade for their individual work, then maybe they wouldn’t be so bad.

Until that happens, group projects will continue to be the bane of our existence.


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