Studying Styles

Oh studying, no one likes it, but we all have to do it, well at least sometimes… I have always had a pretty good regime when it came to sitting down and actually getting to work, but man, college is a whole new ball game. There never seems to be a break, you get done with one assignment just to get a new one the next class. It’s a never-ending cycle, and so my basic studying skills have had to be amped up these past couple weeks. I think everyone has his or her own studying particularities, which I just find fascinating. So I got to wondering about the different manners of studying that there are, they really can tell a lot about a person. So what’s your style?


Listening to Music vs Complete Silence

Are you the type to put your headphones in and start your homework, or head up to the silent floor in the library to concentrate? Fun fact about those of you who need to listen to music to study, its actually impossible. Multi tasking is a myth, if you comprehend the work you are doing, then you are not really listening to the music, and vice versa. Then there are those of us who can’t listen to music while reading, but maybe can while doing some mundane task. This then poses another question, what music do you listen to? Instrumental, indie, hip-hop?


Library vs Bed

Do you sit atop your bed to finish work, or head over to the library? Does the coziness of your bed or the familiarity of your own space help you or distract you. If the library is more your thing, where do you go, there are many options. New side or old side, first floor with computers or maybe second floor with a big table. When studying do you work in groups, or seclude yourself from all forms of communications?


Week Ahead vs Day Before

What would schoolwork be without the addition of procrastination. At some point we all have put off an assignment, but then there are those of us who take procrastination to a whole new level. So what style are you, ahead of schedule, or right on time? I get it, so much work, so little time, there’s just so much (more fun) stuff to be done. For those of you who get stressed out by the mere idea of the word “late” and have never put off an assignment, I ask, have you ever heard of Netflix? No, but seriously, teach us all your ways.


Whatever your studying style may be, I’m sure we can all agree that improvements can always be made. With this said, I have developed some tips and habits over the years and more importantly my first college semester, that I hope can help everyone out!


My style of studying is quite, in the library, without listening to music. Quite the trifecta, I know. I’ve realized what works for me, and how to manage my time in a somewhat productive way. What I have found is that breaks are necessary. Sitting down and looking at all the work you have to get done can be daunting, so by breaking up your studying time you can efficiently get work done, and not be burnt out too quickly. My favorite implementation to working is the reward system. For example, I need to read a passage and then write an essay. My plan of attack for this situation would be to read the article, highlighting and annotating as I go, and then make an outline for the paper. Once these tasks were completed I would take a break, either going on social media, or grabbing some food, or maybe even moving on to another subject. We all have those days where we just cannot focus, and that’s okay too! School is important, and how we study, all the different styles out there, is definitely helpful in everything we do, trust me. Though studying is vital to our success in school and everything, breaks are just as important. I think John Lennon really relayed this best when he said, “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”

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