7 Reasons why I hate “Rate My Professor”

It’s that time of year again, the real life Hunger Games: Class Registration.

Many students turn to RateMyProfessor.com to find all the dirty little secrets about the faculty on campus. But this is not the place to go!!! Let the all wise senior tell you take you on a journey of scandal and debauchery. 😉 The horrors that await you on this so called “YELP for professors” website are unhelpful and just plain dumb.

Don’t believe me? Just continue reading and I will tell ALL!

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FACT: Thomas Jefferson is disappointed in you.

So here are 7 reasons why I hate “Rate My Professor”:

  1. Spite – Some students write bad reviews because they failed the class or didn’t like the teaching style of the professor. These students are being spiteful in the only way they know how: passive-aggressive, anonymous false reviews.
  2. Voluntary bias Not all students are required to fill out the questions so only students with the strongest opinions – either for or against – post on this website.

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    You know what they say? Devil’s in the details.
  3. Different class levels – Most professors teach multiple classes (sometimes ranging from 154 to 401 levels). As such, some reviews criticize or praise the professor depending on the class that that student took. A review might say the class was too hard or the professor goes through the material too fast, this might reflect the class level not the professor’s teaching ability.
  4. Hotness factor – Why is it even an option to judge the hotness of a professor? What’s the point? Whether someone is good-looking or not shouldn’t be an adequate review of the professor’s teaching style or competency!
  5. Average grade Sometimes I feel that people who don’t necessarily get the best grades post of these kinds of websites. The average class grade is a C? Well, what’s the ratio of people posting? Three Fs, one B, and one A-? No wonder the average is a C.

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    A difficult class in college? How “upsurd”!!!
  6. Easiness Should easiness shy you away from a class? So the class is hard… it’s probably a 300 level. Newsflash, those classes are meant to be hard, especially if it’s for your major. Overall difficulty should not be a deciding factor on the professor but perhaps the class itself.
  7. Changes nothing – Good or bad reviews do not impact the professors or the university. St. Joe’s will not fire or hire someone based on this website. If anything would impact the happenings at SJU it would be the anonymous course evaluations at the end of each semester. Think about it!

We’re all scrambling to figure out the best classes and the best professors so we can graduate on time all while having an amazing schedule. But how can we accomplish this goal?

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Imagine that, reading a lot of literature in an English class… What a weird concept!


My advice, go by word of mouth. This way you can find out the details about a professor and his or her classes directly from the source, not a website that has severe design flaws.

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