A Day of Kindness

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 5.13.50 PMThe city of Philadelphia is not usually associated with the word “kindness” (we all remember HitchBOT’s destruction a few months prior). However, on October 27th, Philly’s 333rd birthday, A Day of Kindness was proclaimed in the city.

This day also celebrated Pope Francis’ visit to the City of Brotherly Love where he spoke about the importance of kindness, William Penn’s wish for kindness, and the Dalai Lama being awarded the Liberty Medal.

At 5:30 PM on Tuesday, thousands of flags of kindness made by people of all ages, races, and backgrounds throughout the city were dedicated to the kindness mission. These flags were part of the celebration, Kindness in the Wind, where all of the flags were displayed in the City Hall Courtyard.


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 5.21.54 PMI was able to visit the city this past weekend to experience the display in person.  It was breathtaking, and incredibly inspiring to see a courtyard full of kindness.

The flags will be displayed until November 14th, so if you have not had a chance to see the exhibit, go see it!! It is definitely something you do not want to miss.


I was also featured in an article by the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philly.com about A Day of Kindness! Check it out here: For just one day, officially, Philadelphia is kind.

IMG_3850Now, the next step is to continue the goals and mission of this day of kindness into people’s everyday lives. The East Coast is very fast-paced; it feels like everyone is always in a rush to do something or go somewhere. But, if we take time out of our days to practice kindness, the world will become a much better place.

Something as easy as saying please or thank you can really make someone’s day. The next time you’re in line at a coffee shop or your local supermarket, think about paying for someone’s cup of coffee or groceries. If you’re parking and you see that someone’s meter is running low, add some quarters. There are a million and one things that anyone can do to practice kindness.

Kindness is universal.

Let’s start associating “kindness” with the City of Brotherly Love.

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