Areas of SJU’s Library Defined


It’s inevitable that as a college student you’re going to spend a lot of time at the library meeting with groups, printing papers, or finishing up a last minute assignment. Each area of the library has a distinct personality, it’s helpful to know what area is best for what to make the most of our library!


First floor new side:

It’s almost guaranteed that if you sit here you won’t get any work done whatsoever. Sit down and suddenly you will see everyone you have ever met at SJU and they will all be feeling really chatty. This area of the library makes the nickname “Club Lib” make sense. It’s perfect for killing a bit of time in between classes or to catch up with friends.


Second floor new side:

This area is a little quieter than the first floor so at certain times of day work can actually be accomplished here. You’ll usually see a lot of group projects being worked on here.


Third floor new side:

This is the quietest place in “Club Lib.” It’s always packed during midterms and finals, only go up there if you have some serious work to get done. Don’t dare to bring noisy food or you’ll get death glares from the people tucked away in the privacy cubes.


First floor old side:

Home to the reference librarians and other library staff to help you out with research papers or group projects. The old side of the library tends to be a little quieter in general and the printer lines are shorter. This area is definitely a viable option to get work done.


Second floor old side:

One of the most underrated areas of the library, there are great study tables back in the stacks if you really want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the building. There are also really big study rooms for group meetings that people forget are there. It has a very studious vibe with out the silence of the third floor new side.

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