The Perks of Staying on Campus as an Upperclassman

I’m a senior this year and my friends and I really wanted to live off campus in a house. After months of trying to find a suitable place that was big enough for six people we decided to do on-campus housing registration. We now are all happily living in the townhouses, and there are some unexpected perks even though I initially felt like I was missing out not living off-campus.

The Morris Quad Townhouses

No splitting bills

One of the biggest issues of living off campus is managing paying bills and rent. If you’re living with a large group then making sure everyone pays for everything on time can get time consuming and it can cause tensions within the group as well if one person isn’t keeping up with payments. When you live on campus you pay your housing bill with your tuition individually from your roommates eliminating that potential point of contention.

Maintenance staff

I lived off campus last semester. On a Friday evening my kitchen sink began overflowing from the drain creating a cascading waterfall onto the floor. My roommates and I called the property manager trying to get help. 18 hours later someone showed up to fix the sink. In the interim we had been bailing water into the tub and using every towel in the house to contain the water. If you live on campus SJU maintenance is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Sometimes you have to be persistent to get things fixed but it is so much easier than when you are on your own off campus!

Already furnished

First and foremost, you don’t have to pay to buy furniture to fill a whole house. As an added bonus move in day is a lot easer when you are moving into a house that already has furniture. No need to lug huge dressers, bedframes, and mattresses up the stairs or to try to figure out how to get a couch through the door. Bring some clothes and decorations and you’re ready to go!

Amenities included

When you move into a house off campus better hope you transferred the PECO bill to your name or you won’t have power. Did you call Comcast or Verizon to get Wi-Fi and cable? Nope? Too bad, no Internet access for you. It was so convenient to move in and already have Internet, cable, and power. 


A few weeks ago when all the muggings near campus were happening I felt a lot safer being on campus. Public safety takes a walk down between the townhouses pretty often. We also have a blue light, which I’m not sure anyone has ever used but it makes me feel safer. So many students live very close to each other making our well-lit complex a bad target for crime.

Parking lot

The main junior and senior housing, Merion Gardens and the Townhouses, have huge parking lots with free passes if you live there! Not having to worry about finding a parking spot or parallel parking is a majorly underrated perk of staying on campus.

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