School Pride: the Door-Holding Edition

The time has come for another edition of school pride! Last time I talked about the awesome professors on campus. This time I’m going to comment on the totally weird, but ridiculously cool, door-holding culture we have at SJU.

Haven’t noticed it yet? Don’t worry, you will.

SJU-holding-doorsEveryone on campus, students and faculty included, seems to have an unspoken agreement to hold the door open for the person behind them. Yes, it’s a pleasant little action of goodwill but it is fairly notable. But, believe it or not, not everyone in the world will hold the door open for a stranger who is several feet behind them when they don’t have to! #thatsthemagis

For instance, one of my friends has become so accustomed to having people hold the door open for her that once, when she was off-campus, someone smacked the door in her face… AND she still said “thank you”! Why? Well, because my friend is so used to having doors held for her at SJU, thank you has become an automatic response to entering any type of doorway.

To be honest, it is interesting to notice that something so common and expected in one place is considered unnecessary in another. Unfortunately, such a little nicety like door-holding is so frequently absent from the real world. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

It’s a harsh world out there, and not everyone is going to hold the door for you.

TRUE FACT: I once went a whole week on campus without ever having to open a door. It was wonderful!

jog-of-gratitudeWhile I love the door-holding culture at SJU, it is unofficial and unstructured. Like, is there an etiquette that I should be following? Should door-holding be enforced? What’s an acceptable door-holding distance? Do I always have to do an awkward jog of gratitude when I’m too far away? Is it considered rude not to hold the door open for someone?

Will any of these questions ever get answered? Who knows. But, at the end of the day, I love SJU and its unspoken door-holding policy.



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6 responses to “School Pride: the Door-Holding Edition

  1. Kevin says:

    Great post! I think the same things, mainly the appropriate distance. If you ever get an answer, please share it 🙂

    1. Grace Rieck says:

      Will do!

  2. Edian Castro Rivera says:

    This is completely true and I have never realized it!!! I am now in grad school in New Orleans and not once since August has someone opened the door for me unless I was immediately behind them. Yet I still hold open the doors for people regardless how far away they are. Once a Hawk, always a Hawk!

    1. Grace Rieck says:

      Hawks will forever be courteous and patient door-holders. I am so happy to hear that, dispite a harsh world of closed doors, you are still firmly following SJU’s unspoken code of conduct. Keep up the good work! 😉

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