Midterm Grades

So by now everyone has gotten their midterm grades. (If you haven’t looked at them yet, then you should go do that!)

The thing about midterm grades is that they let you know exactly where you stand, which is helpful, but sometimes they are misinterpreted. Just because you have an A in the class after midterms does not mean you’re free to slack off for the rest of the semester. The amount of work you put in the first half is the same amount you should continue to put in.

On the other hand, if your grade is a little lower than you expected, don’t get discouraged! You have time to bring it back up. Take a step back and figure out where you went wrong. Schedule a meeting with your professor to find the best study tips and what subject material you should focus on more.

Another thing that is super important is knowing when to withdraw. Laziness of course is not an excuse, but if you’re taking an elective that is really kicking you in the butt no matter how hard you try, then look at your options and consider picking up another class during an intercession or summer.

Everything will work out as long as you utilize the resources you are given 🙂

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