At some point in your college career you should definitely go on a retreat. I am currently in the Poconos for the OML (Office of Multicultural Life) Retreat and it is the highlight of my semester so far.

The thing about retreats is that you already know that its going to be good time, but afterwards it ends up being ten times better than you originally imagined.

Retreats can be a time to reflect, a time to meet and connect with new people, a break from school work or just an escape from campus for a weekend. No matter what your reason for going is, you always come back feeling relaxed and relieved. On this particular retreat our theme is “Relate, Relax, Release” We find things that we all have in common, talk about important issues on campus, take a break from our studying and get rid of our stress. We laugh, we cry, and we support each other in every way that we can.

The reason that experiences like this are so important is because we spend four years (or more) of our lives on this campus. We need to have a support system, people that we can count on and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. OML retreat is one of the many reasons that we call the OML (and Saint Joe’s) our home away from home.

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