Welcome Home: First Fall Break

You’ve made it past your first round of midterms (or maybe still have more to tackle when you get back), you’ve endured the long hours at the library, the repetitiveness of going to class, grabbing lunch, going to class, chatting with your suite-mates, going to dinner, and making sure your prepared for the next day ahead. After much effort so far this year, your reward has finally arrived: fall break.


My first fall break started out with a tad bit of sadness, but soon transformed into an absolute perfect time away. I think colleges and universities really know what they’re doing when assigning the breaks in the semester. Weeks before fall break you couldn’t get me to say I was ready to come home, and even driving home down City Ave a twinge of sadness fell upon me as I realized I was leaving my second home for a few days. But, as I walked in my house, was greeted by my furry friends, and went to my own room, I was glad to be away from school for a bit. Schools hard, no doubt about it, and coming back home, especially for the first time as a college student on break, is quite the surreal experience.


I have had so many thoughts running through my brain throughout my days at home, and I wasn’t exactly sure how to formulate these occurrences into complete thoughts. The nostalgia of the entire weekend was quite crazy to say the least. My senses really took hold during my fall break, and my thoughts I’ve had while home best identified my feelings on my first fall break as a college student.



· Nothing. The silence of my own room, the ability to go to a different room without walking far, pure bliss

· The familiar Friday night booms of fireworks symbolizing the high school football game touchdowns



· Going over my Nan & Pop’s house to see my sister’s dog as well as our family friend’s new puppy, feeling the soft fur, petting the tired pup as it plops down next to you after a long day, this was definitely therapeutic

· Sitting in my living room on the soft leather coach, reaching for the many fuzzy blankets surrounding me, and waiting for my cat to jump up, knowing that I could sprawl out wherever I wanted



· Early Saturday morning I went to get my hair cut, while driving I noticed the familiarity of being behind the wheel, instinctively turning the key to my silver Toyota twice to the left to unlock the doors

· Riding down the main street of town was surreal as I saw all of the usual spots I would frequent my past eighteen years of living in my hometown



· So much food, everywhere. All of my favorite meals or snacks that I haven’t had in so long since at school at the disposal to me day in and day out, without having to swipe a card

· Going to my favorite restaurant for dinner, ordering the same meal (gnocchi with meatballs and a Shirley temple)



· Everyplace has its own distinct scent, and being away gives you a whole new opportunity to come back and breath in your families scent all over again

· I went to many coffee shops to gain some new content for my other blog, which was so enjoyable to be able to take in the warm scent of coffee roasting


Being home is just great to say the least, there’s nothing quite like it, and not just because I didn’t have to wear shower shoes. I found myself not stressed about homework and studying, because for some reason at home there was a sense of calmness that ensued upon me. I knew I would eventually get it done, but for the moment I enjoyed myself back at my hometown, a truly nostalgic time. As much as school is important, so is mental clarity, and that’s what being on these breaks from college and being back home are just the cure for.

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