What it means to breathe Philly sports

If you are new to the area and just starting your life here at Saint Joseph’s University, you know that a trip to the city is a must-do. When visiting the city, you may have noticed that Philadelphia is different then other cities. Philadelphia, being a large metropolitan area, offers the visitor an array of entertainment options. Philadelphia is a town known for its rich history, from the Liberty Bell to our professional sports teams. There is something for everyone. Besides our rich history there is something uniquely different about our city. Something very special. Philadelphia is a city full of passion–specifically a passion for its sports teams, and there is nothing that a Philadelphian exudes more then their love of professional sports. The Philadelphia teams fuel the people of this city. If you love one team you love them all, along with all the frustrations that come with being a fan. The wins and oh yes….sometimes the many losses. We bleed the colors of our teams. Whether it be the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Flyer or Union our passion runs high.

With all this passion and enthusiasm comes the occasional obnoxious, bitter, stubborn and sometimes misguided behavior. We are the fans who got the reputation as the town that “booed” Santa Claus. We take losing hard….and okay there are times we get a little carried away.Philadelphia fans are known for their love-hate relationship with the players of the various teams. Philly teams must play hard and if a player gives it their all on the field, court, or ice, Philadelphia fans are sure to notice. This is not to say that players have not disagreed with some of our fans extreme passion. Shawn Bradley once said, “The problem with Philadelphia fans is that they want you to play every game like it’s your last one.” Is this really a bad thing?

We want and expect the best. If you are a traitor to this city or your play is mediocre then you will hear the boos when you walk on to the field.There’s a fine line between passion and insanity. And yes, at times we may be a little insane and we may never win an award for the “best fan,” but we will not conceal our love for the game.

Philadelphia loves their sports teams, and the longer you live here the more you will take notice. You will feel the passion, see the excitement and know the heartbreak of the loss. Though we may seem crazy, mean, or rude at times it is all out of the love for the game. If you grew up in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas you know about our thirst for a win, a much needed championship. This is what makes Philadelphia great; this is what makes this city what it is. These teams are what keep us together. They give us a common ground, no matter your background.Though it has been a rough few years, our passion has not and will not die.. Hey, if you stay around long enough you too may become a crazy Philadelphia fan!

I think Mike Schmidt summed it up best “Yes, you fans affect the game in a ‘big’ way. Calling Philadelphia fans spectators hardly describes your impact. You help mold the spirit of a team. Your positive feedback is crucial in the Phillies’ right to stay on top. You know, I’m often asked what I miss most about the game. It’s tough to sort out all the wonderful memories and come up with a definite answer. But I can tell you this; I’ll always miss the goose bumps I got when you cheered me. I’ve collected eighteen years of those goose bumps, from my first hit back in 1972 to the welcome you gave me tonight. To right now. That feeling can never be recreated, but that feeling will always be remembered.”

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