Reasons to stay on campus for Fall Break

If you’re like me and live too far away to travel home for only 4-5 days, then you’ve probably noticed that very few people are still on campus right now. However, that’s not really a bad thing. At least I don’t think so. I’ve stayed on campus for every Fall Break for the past four years and I have to admit that I love it. Here’s why:

  1. Silence – I don’t have to go to the library to get work done. There are no distractions whatsoever, and if you did decide to go to the library, you don’t have to worry about it turning into social hour
  2. Campion is never crowded – Okay sure, Campion may not be our favorite eatery at times, but at least there’s hardly anyone there, it’s quiet and you’re not fighting through a crowd of people just to get to the deli line
  3. Laundry – Fall Break is the perfect time to do your laundry because you can use as many washers and dryers as you want at one time. You also don’t have to worry about that one person who thinks its okay to take your stuff out when it isn’t dry yet (Yea, we’ve all been there)
  4. You’re not bothering anyone – Go ahead, turn your music up as loud as you want. No one else will hear it anyway(Just make sure you turn it down again for Quiet Hours)
  5. Relaxation – After you’ve gotten all of your work done for the upcoming week (Yes, you should actually do that) now you’ve got a an extra day or so to relax, watch Netflix, or just sleep
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