AMA Cupcake Challenge

As mentioned previously in my About Me section, I am a freshmen here at SJU and hope to dive right into all of the fun things happening around campus. In order to do just this I have joined a club that I am particularly excited about, since it is technically not in my major, and allows me to broaden my horizons even more. The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a national club, and we are lucky to have our own branch here at SJU! Since joining this club I have attended meetings where speakers from companies such as Pepsi Co spoke, gaining more than just classroom experience in this field, but actual expertise. AMA has some amazing things planned for this year that I am so excited about, and this Saturday has been one of them.



Cal’s Cupcake Challenge is an event put on to raise both money and awareness for children with leukodystrophy, which is a disease that causes infants to be unable to walk, talk, swallow, eat, and see. Most children with MLD don’t live past their fifth birthdays. In 2013 the Calliope Joy Foundation started to sell cupcakes for $1 each to help kids with this disease. Soon this cause grew into Cal’s Cupcake Challenge, which funds children’s hospice, as well as the Leukodystrophy Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Their motto, “Cupcakes can change the world” truly encompasses all that this wonderful foundation aims to accomplish.


On Saturday October 3rd AMA members, including myself, traveled to Cynwyd Elementary School to volunteer at the challenge. While at this fun and vibrant event we helped organize cupcakes for judging and interacted with the participants, and the hawk even made an appearance! This truly was a wonderful experience to learn about a foundation that does so much as well as to have fun on a weekend knowing that we made some sort of difference by lending our time. I think this event truly exemplifies what the Marketing Club really is. Sure, we learn valuable lessons from speakers to expand our knowledge in the field, but there is so much more to this club than the logistics. I have found that there is a great sense of community among the members when performing this service work, which is what SJU tries to instill in all of its students, to always do more.


The American Marketing Association here at SJU is an overall outstanding club, and one that I am so glad I have joined. It is the perfect mix of real life experiences and service, all with a tie into a larger national club that it is a part of. So far this year I have had a wonderful time experiencing all that this club has to offer, and am so grateful that any major can join! Make sure to see more of what AMA is up to or get involved by following them on Twitter and Instagram!

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