Get your LinkedIn in

LinkedIn is a valuable resource to assist with your job search because of how simple it makes networking. Even though networking may take a lot of patience, it should not seem so bad. It is a task that will pay off once you get your dream job. LinkedIn helps portray your professional image to employers while staying up to date with professionals that you meet or would like to. The social media website for business is tremendous way to build and stay current with your network.

LinkedIn is Green

After talking with a professional at a career fair or networking event, it is important to get their business card. Nowadays, some professionals might just state their name and advise the jobseeker to send a request to connect on LinkedIn. The modern day method of handing out a business card is connecting with others on the professional social networking website. When a job seeker is at a networking event, he or she can connect with them on LinkedIn instead of asking for a business card.

All in One Networking Website

LinkedIn is a magnificent way to find professionals to talk to in the field of work that a job seeker is pursuing. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn users feel comfortable connecting with strangers. This is the case because the information that is posted on LinkedIn is professional, and not personal.

Connecting to Gain an Understanding

As everybody knows that if you view someone else’s profile, they will get a notification saying so. This obviously means you are going to have to keep your internet stalking to Facebook and Instagram. Even though there is not much lurking on other’s profiles for social reasons, there are head hunters that are constantly contacting possible employees. By simply saying that you are an interested student will provide many opportunities to network with industry professionals that are leaders in the field that you are pursuing. You could have no clue who someone is, but look them up on LinkedIn, and you could easily get their personal email. After emailing the professional, before you know it a stranger could be offering you a job.

Endorsements of your Skills

The business orientated social networking website also helps with your self-esteem. I know some job-seekers may feel down on themselves when they are not having much luck, but that can be turned around just by a skill of your being endorsed. Being endorsed can turn a pessimistic job seeker into an enthusiastic one.

Accept or not to Accept

Accepting any and everyone’s request to connect is an irresponsible use of LinkedIn. There is no point to build a network with random people that have no connection with your career interests. In order to make a network that is advantageous to your job search, I would advise to only connect with people that could help with your career goals, have a job that you want to have, or is interested in a similar career path as you. Of course the exemption to this rule are your friends, unless if you want to make enemies.

While LinkedIn allows you to network on your computer, it is always going to be most opportunistic to network face to face. Talking to a professional in person is the best way to get his or her attention. The biggest advantage of using LinkedIn is that it allows you to connect with industry experts all around the world that would never have been possible before.

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