Café con Leche

We are officially one month in. With school now in full swing, I’ve been spending most of my free time exploring new cafés to mix up regular homework time. My roomates and I have been trying to find a new one almost everyday…definitely spending more time wandering for hidden gems than actually studying. It didn’t take long to get accustomed to the traditional Spanish coffee order- a café con leche and usually churros con chocolate to go with it. Only two windy streets from our house we found an amazing market called Mercado San Miguel, which reminds me so much of Redding Terminal back home. You can find practially anything, ranging from fresh made juices to tapas. Yesterday we ran into another great place called Van Gough Café, where we tried their version of pancakes with nutella and strawberries. We actually found this cafe because there are signs on the street that point you there, all the way up to the door…which was perfect because my directional skills still aren’t quite there.

Definitely loving the café lifestyle so far.                                FullSizeRender



















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